General tips

  1. To monitor the cleanliness of the body and especially the hands that are a no-no, and will touch the face, holding up the infection. Wash better with a mixture of mineral water with sea salt: 1 Cup water a couple of tablespoons of sea salt. After 2 weeks, it cleans the face, inflammatory process disappears.
  2. Taking baths by adding concentrated decoctions. The best effect is given Wheatgrass rhizomes. Ten minutes should boil them in the water: at half a bucket of water 100 grams of herb, you can add burdock root. Taking these baths through the day, you can get rid of any lesions, including boils.
  3. Walking, especially in Sunny weather very useful as UV rays kill the pathogenic microbes.

Decoctions and infusions for ingestion

  1. Very useful in such cases yeast drink: 10 grams of yeast diluted with boiled water to 3/4 Cup, add some sugar and give an hour to play. This drink should be drunk within 20 days after making a three-week break for the same period, repeat the course.
  2. Infusion of nettle may help to solve the problem: nettle leaves soaked in a liter of cold water over night, and during the day drink this infusion in small portions.
  3. Effective against juvenile acne is the juice of the rhizomes and stems of couch grass: they should be washed, mince. In the pressed juice it is necessary to add the same amount of hot water. The daily intake is 3 cups. To drink 21 -22 day.

Local treatment

  1. For healing of acne, apply tincture of horseradish wine vinegar. Hell RUB, fill a glass bowl 3/4 full , and top up the wine bite and insist 10 days. The lesion of acne is moistened with tincture and hold ten minutes, then wash the face.
  2. Very effective in dealing with acne, the following recipe: 100g of vodka to put 4 drops of iodine and stir in the protein of one egg. A quarter of an hour to keep the mask on your face, then rinse with water.
  3. Radical cure skin mask: take 1 tablespoon on alcohol infused with marigold petals, dripping lemon juice (approximately 15 drops) and then carefully injected into white clay, taken in the amount of three tablespoons. The resulting mass is held on the face a quarter of an hour. Clay dries inflamed pimples, clears them of impurities, tightens pores.

Herbal treatment requires time and patience, but these efforts will provide a clean, velvety skin – a Testament to the beauty and health.