The size of the dog in the first six months

как у собак считать возраст

The development of the dog is divided into several periods, after which it ceases its growth and considered an adult. First and weather the puppy small breed is weight gain three times, whereas growth typically doubles. The animal ends with the growth of bones, proper development of which depend on the future proportions of the body.

Simply put, the puppy's first weather growing up, why by 6 months he seems a little skinny and awkward, and representatives of some breeds, such as shepherds, are even and slightly droopy ears. However, this is one of the most important periods in the development of the dog, during which the puppy should be provided with maximum care and proper nutrition, which includes not only proteins, but also vitamins. Otherwise, the dog's growth may slow down.
Dog food in the period of development must be complete but not excessive. Otherwise, the puppy may gain excessive weight, which will increase the risk of development of diseases of bone and joints.

Of great importance for the proper development of the puppy has a program of education. Excessive exercising, or, conversely, a sedentary lifestyle can compromise bone development and lead to injuries or serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The dog's growth from 6 months to 2.5 years

отсчитывать возраст у собак

After six months, puppies begin to gain in weight, and their growth up a bit while slowing down. Prior to the year they are actively growing flat bones, resulting in the intensive development of the chest. The puppy begins to maturity and becoming more like an adult animal.
In the period from birth until the puppies of large breeds increase your weight by approximately 70 times, and representatives of small breeds – 20 times.

In the withers height of the dog reaches adult by 9-10 months. After a year of puppies, as a rule, development is a bit slowed down. The final formation of the skeleton depends on the breed of the animal. Small breeds of dogs after 1.5-2 years will not grow and develop, and large dogs can grow until the age of three. Only after this period can be considered as the dog finally grown up.

Also important for the development of the dog has the hereditary. There are lines of rocks with later, or, conversely, with the earlier formation.