In the transition to adulthood often there are so-called hormonal storm - the body grows up, changing and trying to "tune in" to the production of the required number of both female and male hormones. In most cases, all that you should do is to wait a couple of years, and a hormonal balance will improve by itself. But the girls sometimes have comorbidities - for example, polycystic ovaries, which interferes with production of hormones and which may require corrective treatment. Assigns it to the only endocrinologist, which is necessary to visit each teenager to test the correlation of hormones and the General process of sexual development.
Drink plenty of water, no less than 7-8 glasses a day. Simple and very cheap way, isn't it? And, moreover, one of the most effective water expels toxins, providing a smooth and beautiful complexion. Blackheads and pimples will be much less.
Clean the skin every day to remove all makeup, then tone and moisturize it. Do not be lazy once or twice a week to do masks and exfoliate the skin. Also you have to approach the selection of cosmetics - despite the fact that your skin is dry and sensitive, she is extremely sensitive simply because of his youth, so many tools don't work for you. Choose light and are non-comedogenic gels and creams with natural extracts to keep your skin clean and youthful for a long time.
Despite the heavy workload and active learning, try to eat right, not snacking on chips, and, for example, fruit or nuts - poor diet and impaired digestion extremely aggravate troubled skin.
It is very important to get rid of a bad habit to touch your face with your hands, so you actively spread the infection and hinder the healing microRNA - hence, a significant deterioration of the already far from ideal cases, as well as a very long time passing scars. Try to calm down and not to touch your face - after all, the main reason for this habit are nerves.