Before sperm collection is necessary sexual abstinence for 3-7 days. In daily intercourse semen does not have time fully to emerge, to come to its original state. And exploring the material that has been produced by the body not less than 72 hours.
The sperm takes place in a separate room near the laboratory. Depending on the hospital, it can be equipped with special screens for viewing movies, magazines. The man remains in the room alone, masturbating, and collecting the material in a special container.
Before the procedure you must wash your hands with soap and water, then dry to wipe them away. Detergents decompose seminal fluid, so there should be no contact with them. Also, the tube should not be exposed to foreign bacteria brought to the skin surface.
Capacity for collection of material is usually made of plastic or glass. It is not recommended to touch her inside. After filling, close lid and handing it over to the nurse.
This material is in most cases pass in a medical facility. For a correct analysis of the semen should not be exposed to temperature extremes. To do the study only within hours after collection. That is why it is impossible to carry out all manipulations at home.
There are medical centers that allow you to take the test at home. The accuracy of the study while decreasing. Ejaculant need to bring it for 60 minutes. Keep the vial in my jacket lining, to avoid the temperature difference. And although morally it is much more convenient, but the accuracy of the result is not guaranteed.