If you accidentally deleted the printer from the folder "Printers and faxes", you can restore it quickly and simply. For this you just need to reconnect the device to the computer and wait for its detection. Since the necessary drivers and services for the operation of the printer was already installed previously, you just have to wait until the automatic installation of the device, after which it will reappear in the folder "Printers and faxes".
In the absence of changes in the system after connecting the printer, try to install it manually. For that, open the folder "Printers and faxes" through "start menu" and select "add printer Wizard". Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.
A rather common case is deleting the printer due to a system failure or formatting the hard drive. In this case, in addition to connecting the printer to the computer you need to prepare the drivers and install a special program from the manufacturer, without which the printer is determined by the system. If you do not have an installation disk with the relevant services, install the printer with the option "Automatic search of drivers". The system will attempt to detect them on your hard drive or online.
If you are not able to detect the correct drivers automatically, download them yourself on the Internet, e.g., on the website of the printer manufacturer. Repeat the installation process in the "add printer Wizard", but this time with the parameter "to Specify the driver path manually", selecting the saved on computer or external drive drivers.
Use the system restore service, which is located in utilities. Go through the "start menu". In the process of system restore, select a checkpoint (to delete the printer) and run the operation. After reboot, if the system was not heavily damaged as a result of the failure, the remote printer will appear again in the folder "Printers and faxes".