Digital cameras HP Photosmart use the same data transmission Protocol as the stick. They are recognized as removable drives in Linux operating systems with kernel 2.6 and higher as well as Windows starting with XP. The worst affected are users who prefer to use an outdated OS. So, in Linux 2.4 kernel the performance of these cameras is not guaranteed, while the 2.2 kernel does not support them at all. If you're still running Windows 98 (for example, on a very old laptop), install driver from disk from the kit of any old stick (the modern carriers of this type drives not supplied). The photos look in multiple folders located in the camera in the directory /dcim/100hpnnn/, where nnn is the model number of the camera.
To install the driver for the printer or scanner HP Photosmart in Windows, click on the link at the end of the article. Enter in the "Enter a product name/number" full name of the device (e.g., a Photosmart C410a) and click the Search button. Then select your device in the download list, and there will be links to download executable files. Download and run each of them sequentially, and then follow the instructions of the programs.
Linux printer drivers and scanners are part of the kernel. The device can either earn without the need to download any additional files or to require a kernel patch (or a distribution). In the second case, before performing any of these operations, make a backup copy of the data. To configure the printer, enter the command kcmshell printers, after downloading the setup program, select the menu item "Add" "Printer/class". Select the port to which the device is attached, its manufacturer (in this case HP), and then the model. Adjust the resolution, change the default paper size Letter to A4 and try to print a test page. If it succeeds, save the settings.
In order to use the scanner in Linux, run Kooka, but in Windows - HP Scanning (it will automatically installed together with the driver during the execution of step 2). In HP Scanning, first select the folder to save the file and enter its name. Then in any of these programs, click "preview". When will the quick scan, drag the borders of the area to be slow scanning at a higher resolution and click "Scan". After that, the HP Scanning software saves the file in your chosen folder, and Kooka have to click on the thumbnail, right-click, select "Save" and then choose a folder and enter the desired file name.