The attachment is divided into healthy and sick. Under healthy mean very close emotional connection, when it is really necessary, it is possible to quite gently get rid of it in the case of the disappearance of the relevance of a human. In the case where the attachment to specific people is not fun, but on the contrary, causes mental anguish, psychological withdrawal, causes fear, we are talking about morbid affection. Well, in the case where the attachment deprives a person of any kind of freedom, there is a real dependence. The reasons that formed such attachment are diverse, but most often they occur in those people who sincerely believe that it is this painful form of affection is the most natural.
If you are afraid of becoming dependent on the other person, you should know why this is happening. There are psychologists that it is a painful affection are nothing but a stand-in for true love those who love really can not and does not want to learn because I love people just like that, giving all their most delicate feelings and heat, without requiring feedback. And only if painful affection very urgent need to reverse, exactly the same reaction, and when it is not, start the suffering and anguish. Therefore, the main rule in the game called "How not to get attached to people" is the need to learn to love without counter-claim of reverse unconditional feelings. Only by learning not to expect anything from people, you can save yourself from painful addictions.
The second important rule when dealing with attachments is the presence or the understanding of the meaning of life. And the meaning of life should be the cultivation of a dependency or painful addictions to other people, because, according to psychologists, it is none other than to artificially create the appearance of meaning of life.
When you long to communicate with the person and begin to understand what had ceased to breathe and to live, you should immediately eradicate such thoughts. Always be prepared for the fact that sooner or later, anyway he will leave you just as and left others. People quietly come into your life and quietly leave her, and their place is taken by others. If you initially give yourself installation that your communication temporarily, the loss of a loved one will not cause you as much pain and suffering.
Don't focus on the object of his adoration. Try to occupy yourself with interesting things and communicate with other people. If you live alone, the termination of that connection will leave a void, you'll just stay alone with your thoughts and feelings.