What is the attachment

Attachment is one of the first feelings that come from a person. Certain items or people cause him a sense of calm and security in early childhood. Thus, infants have formed attachment to parents, brothers or sisters, toys.

To understand how you receive affection, it is useful to find out what its types meet. The normal attachment that inevitably occurs during friendship or love. It is characterized by the fact that a person is good with the object of affection, he seeks to spend more time with him. In this case, the person is not associating himself with those to whom he is bound. When the breakup happens, "losing oneself", although it may be felt sadness, sadness, sadness. In General, feelings can be really strong, but there is hysteria or depression.

Sometimes painful emotional attachment in which a person does not think of itself without an object of affection. If there is a threat of separation, he feels very badly, manifest mental instability, depression. While the object of affection is close, you can see the signs of selfish behavior like jealousy. Too strong attachment is painful, it always makes a person unhappy, no matter with him one to whom he is attached or not.

The appearance of attachment

The attachment formation is a natural process for humans that develop during the evolution. It is the attachment constructed social relationships between people, because otherwise there is no benefit from co-existence would not prevent the warring of the species to disperse.

Attachment is formed through complex reactions, neurobiological, psychological, and chemical. It begins with the fact that people understand that they are interested in and good together. They try to meet more often, and more connects them: it's not just common interests or a community of characters, but the events that they experienced together.

People who contribute to the appearance of positive emotions, always seem necessary for the person. If around someone you feel happiness, you will try to be with him as often as possible. This is called attachment.

But it so happens that people underestimate yourself. Due to low self-esteem and self-doubt he thinks that the object of attachment will not want to stay with him or to meet. Then he tries to "defend" being tied down even more, starting to be jealous and doing other things, which in reality only alienate people from each other. Formed a painful affection above where you want to work with a psychologist: it's unhealthy.