Advice 1: How to understand love or habit

The feeling of love comes suddenly - as if it covered his head. Favorite person seems perfect, the best in the world. And with him ready to live all life and never to be parted. But not every feeling of love lasting, he often replaced the usual affection for the man.
After several years of living together it is difficult to differentiate between love and habit.
How to understand their feelings and to understand, whether you love or live with each other due to the strong habits?
First is to find out why you came up with such thoughts, you probably became something not to make in the relationship. This is understandable, because after some time of living together the passion is dulled, there is no novelty of the emotion, so the relationship becomes rather quiet and monotonous. This can cause boredom and thoughts about what love is long gone. And should we then live together?
Do not jump to conclusions. What you are not experiencing constant flashes of passion, as in the days when we first started Dating is a natural phenomenon. But it does not mean that love is gone. Just your sense moved to a new, more Mature level. You should be able to keep it.
Psychologists have identified several characteristics of family relations, which you can understand whether you are still each other or live attachment.Your partner is not perfect, but you are happy with him.
For example, you have always dreamed about the chosen one-the athlete and activist, and was married to a couch potato who spends his spare time reading magazines and books. When is the first emotional decline of your senses, you start to soberly assess their partner clearly see it's flaws and habits that have not been noticed in the period of passionate love. Here is the time for you to decide for yourself whether you can live with the shortcomings of the beloved. And it is not to live and endure, and to live happily and peacefully, taking man as he is.
You feel confident and comfortable with the person.
Aren't you concerned that now you are staying up all night, and the husband climbs into your bedroom through an open window. You realize that from a couple other pleasures. Are you happy that a favorite, returning from work, never forgets to buy you your favorite cookies that you each night falling asleep on his shoulder. Of course, in married life there is a place of unusual experiences and emotions. All depends on you and your imagination. Do not think that family life is boring and monotonous. Just you love and appreciate her choice, even if it does not suit you for daily Grand entertainment.
Love is built on mutual respect.
Neglect can kill even the strongest feelings. If the spouses truly love each other, they will try to find a compromise in disputable situations.
Love gives confidence.
Having a reliable, loving support, you can conquer new and new peaks. Support a loved one - is what gives us strength, gives us confidence in the future.
Speaking of love, it is worth saying a few words about the habit. Is it really hopeless situation, when you realize that love is no more, leaving only the attachment? Very often it happens that love is, people quickly leave and forget about each other. But man, accustomed to let go can be very difficult. A habit - terrible force.
Therefore, before you destroy the relationship, consider whether your habit is just another form of love.
To admit that love is gone is that if you cease to associate with one particular person. Spain is just a country and not a place where you spent together on vacation and the beauty that he gave, only decoration that does not want to wear every day. You notice a couple of lovers and are well aware that you no longer like them.
Useful advice
How to understand what love was? What contributed to this? Let's deal. Scientists have identified a hormones that are responsible for each stage of a love relationship. Also they proved that love is not eternal. How long is love? The older generation can answer: "Love lives three years". And they are right, though, and rely only on experience and not science.

Advice 2 : How to distinguish the habit of love

Passionate relationship, passion, a keen look – all this characterizes the beginning of love. But after a certain time, and a cool feeling. Love is gone, left only a habit? Or feelings still burn in your heart? To distinguish real feelings from the habit of answering three questions.
How to distinguish the habit of love
You will need
  • photos partner, a sheet of paper, pen, memories
Think, would you meet and communicate with your partner if knew it as good as it is now, would you want him to build a long relationship? A negative response indicates that your connection is only habit, rather than love and respect. While you have the opportunity, break the relationship. Otherwise, you will spoil each other life.
Ask yourself the question: why do you love your partner. If you love it just for the fact that it's this is, it is possible that you have real feelings, because he used to draw you something specific. Remember, what was the beginning of your relationship. Perhaps partner has struck you with his loving eyes, reverent attitude and demeanor.
If present, these qualities you do not admire, and you see in your chosen one only flaws that irritate you, so you share only a habit, and love is gone. You used to live like it, and I'm afraid to change anything.
Try to determine no impact on your relationship stereotypes. Your relationship will not bring you joy, unsolvable problems a lot more. But everyone around know about your future wedding. The groom or bride like parents and friends. Yes, and you've been together so long that breaking the relationship is awkward and I spent years?
In this case, you are too susceptible to the opinions of others, about love here, however. But you must have your opinion on this matter. This is your life and only you can decide what to do with it. And then I'd think about your family and parents, not so bad compared to the spoiled life...
Take a photo of the partner, look closely at her. Write on a sheet of paper all the qualities that you like in it, and next to those traits that annoy you. It helps to clarify the question of what ties you.
Do not jump to conclusions. Don't try to figure out the answer to the question "Love or habit?", being in a bad mood.
Useful advice
Imagine that starting tomorrow you will no longer see your partner ever again. The result of this imagination can be very telling.
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