Answer for yourself some questions, be honest, otherwise this test will not benefit.What attracts you in another human being? If looks, slim figure, cute face is a hobby. Only interest person can talk about deeper feelingsH. of Course, the appearance should not be in last place, as a physical attraction, but if the spiritual inner world of the partner to you is not important, love it can not go.
How had the relationship? Love does not occur instantly, but there are exceptions, but this is one case out of thousands. Was found, broke a spark, as time passed, she faded, that's all the development of most of these scenarios, testifying only about the passion. To truly love, need some time, at least in order to know a person better.
Your attitude toward others? When we are passionate about someone, the world seems to not exist, before the eyes of only your passion, but love implies that your selected people, of course most important, but in life there are friends, relatives, work.
To understand their feelings can be, thinking about the intended future. If you want to be made happy, if in the first place from the relationship you are looking for benefits for themselves, then such relationships are nothing more than a hobby. True love always was, is and will be selfless. The desire to give himself to the beloved person, without requiring anything in return, may indicate love. Selfishness and love are incompatible things.