Advice 1: How to understand your feelings to the person

Love? Affection? Sympathy? All the answers are in your heart, understand that it is only possible to you. To the choice of partner often we come deliberately, and when analyzed, disappointed in the man. This is because you do not need to do hasty conclusions, but first to understand your feelings to the person.
How to understand your feelings to the person
Answer for yourself some questions, be honest, otherwise this test will not benefit.What attracts you in another human being? If looks, slim figure, cute face is a hobby. Only interest person can talk about deeper feelingsH. of Course, the appearance should not be in last place, as a physical attraction, but if the spiritual inner world of the partner to you is not important, love it can not go.
How had the relationship? Love does not occur instantly, but there are exceptions, but this is one case out of thousands. Was found, broke a spark, as time passed, she faded, that's all the development of most of these scenarios, testifying only about the passion. To truly love, need some time, at least in order to know a person better.
Your attitude toward others? When we are passionate about someone, the world seems to not exist, before the eyes of only your passion, but love implies that your selected people, of course most important, but in life there are friends, relatives, work.
To understand their feelings can be, thinking about the intended future. If you want to be made happy, if in the first place from the relationship you are looking for benefits for themselves, then such relationships are nothing more than a hobby. True love always was, is and will be selfless. The desire to give himself to the beloved person, without requiring anything in return, may indicate love. Selfishness and love are incompatible things.

Advice 2: How to Express your feelings to the man

Men – being straightforward and mysterious at the same time. On the one hand, they do not like hints, preferring to direct discussion. On the other hand, try to avoid any talk of feelings and emotions. How best to show your feelings to the man, not to cause him concern or discomfort?
Show the delicacy
Express your feelings in actions. Men don't like long explanations about feelings and emotions. They are best left between friends. If you feel gratitude or romantic impulse, better do for him what he wanted. Make a favorite dish for dinner, buy tickets to a match of his beloved team.
Tell him how you and him happy. Men often think the reason for the breakup constant dissatisfaction girlfriend. Even if she has problems at work or conflict with her parents, her sour face he sees on his account. But if the dissatisfaction becomes the predominant emotion women, the man starts looking for escape routes. It is very important to know that it is for you – support and salvation, and not the obstacle to happiness.
Appreciate his achievements. Many women seem stupid phrase "I love you and it (for punctuality, reliability, tenderness)". Girls believe that love should not put conditions. This is true, but men sometimes need to make the girl appreciated his actions, and his social achievements, and the attributes of prestige, which he has (cars, "toys", etc.). Express your enthusiasm for all his achievements in these moments you can admit to any feelings, he'll appreciate it much more than without such a reason.
Problems discuss briefly and to the point. If you suffer from irritation or you are in anger from the problems that have accumulated, first, to blow off steam in conversations with women or with a psychologist. Then develop the solution, create a short statement of the nature of the issue, justify their decision logically. And with such a short conversation go to a man. They are afraid of detailed discussions with tears, scandals and emotions. It's easier for them to quickly discuss and find a solution and not to return to the issue in the future.

Advice 3: How to understand that feelings forever

Meeting each other, young people sometimes wonder about how long their feelings. Sincere love is often accompanied by people the entire life, but the usual affection and sympathy sooner or later ends.
How to understand that feelings forever
To understand all your feelings or not, first you need to learn to differentiate "love" and "love". In the most General sense, love is the desire to make the other person happy. Loving guy or girl will do anything to the object of his sighs was near him happy. To learn how to love, you must know the tastes, preferences, desires and aspirations of the elect. To do this, spend more time with each other, share their experiences, make plans for the future. This will help you get to know a soul mate. Sometimes someone can be heard saying: "I love him because he's smart". It would not sound strange, but you love a person not for something and against all odds. A loving person cannot give a precise answer to the question about what exactly he feels for her chosen. He loves absolutely everything in it: appearance, body type and even character flaws.
Learn to speak with your partner. Share all experiences. And even if something does not suit you, you need to talk about this calmly. It is equally important to learn to listen and hear people. Laugh when you happy, cry when sad. Remember, in any relationship is important sincerity. Any relationship sometimes experience some difficulties. This is usually associated with the beginning of life together, the birth of a child. Of course, time somehow changes people. The main thing in this period not to lose yourself. After all the difficulties and saving your relationship, you will become a real team.
Love is a completely different relation to man. Next to him you feel elated, you want to constantly spend time together, but you have the only desire: all your undertakings, showing care and affection should be exclusively mutual. If there is no reciprocity, it starts breaking, experiences, suffering, and attempts to replace the person you don't need, someone who will more appreciate you and your concern. Love quickly turns on and passes quickly, so these feelings can't be eternal.
If you realize that you are ready to do for man all free, worried about whether he had had it, whether dressed, healthy, and doesn't matter to you, near you or not, you're just worried about his health, are interested in his experiences and was even willing to let go to another person, if only were happy, is the sincere and real love that eventually fails. Yes, if you're not with the object of his adoration, you will be able to start Dating someone, but like you hardly anyone can. Your thoughts will always return to the same member of the opposite sex, but only at the thought that he is alive and well, and he is doing well, you will be calm.

Advice 4: How to hide your feelings

Keep inscrutable face in the most extreme situations is that intelligence professionals and philosophers, detached from earthly cares. However, the skills of this art have substantially improved the life of ordinary people.
People should be aware of the reasons why he tries to conceal his inner world
Motivation. People should clearly understand the reasons for which he tries to conceal his inner world from others. Perhaps it is the shame of a perfectionist who doesn't want others to know about his weaknesses. Perhaps it is the desire to protect themselves from the attacks of others. Perhaps people just do not know how to show their emotions in the family are not taught to talk about their needs and feelings. After realizing the reasons man can go to a therapist to help him better articulate his feelings, needs, desires and dreams.
To select a mask. In order to get along in complex team, sometimes you have to wear a mask. For example, a "strong woman" or "diplomat", "the soul of the company" or "conflict-free smart. Only the man himself knows which of these images it is most convenient, tailored to his temperament and inner needs: to console, to be useful, or feel the approval of others. It is important to remember that sometimes the mask adheres to the skin. We that's what we seem to want.
To relax the mind. If a person needs to lock their emotions in a specific situation (exam, interview, scandal in the family), then you should use a proven methodology. It can be phrases that in a special way to relax our mind. For example, "the empty boat", "There is nothing that would be worth the revenge." Or "Express-meditation - dive into the fragrance of a flower, perfume, aromatic oil. Introduced as the aroma envelops you, like the strongest armor in the world? Forward!
Fixation on a stranger. Focusing on the breath, the person ceases to concentrate on negative emotions. Looking at the earrings of the Manager, the employee skips most of her quips on deaf ears. Quite useful is the method of visualization of their emotions. For example, your anger can be represented by streams of fire that passes through you, not searing heart. You can imagine yourself in a serene summer lake, in which the interlocutor throwing stones. Faint splash, the odds and coming back to the serene silence.
To deceive the vampire. If a person intentionally causes you negative emotions (provoking a fight, pushing on the sore spot, humiliating the people dear to you), it is necessary to understand that it is configured to "warm myself by your fire, to shout, to release their negative emotions. You have to ask yourself the question: "why am I fed a vampire his blood? Why do I need this". And begin to respond to him nice, polite and calm. You can even imagine how you feed your "vampire" pickles or eclairs. But it rotates the eyes and can not understand where familiar food.
Remember the paradox. We maintain self-control until we control the situation. And control the situation, maintain our composure. It is important to feel the balance point, and anyone who is trying to rile us up, gently but politely put in place.
Useful advice
People with upset nervous system - a favorite snack of ham, brawler and provocateur. If there are signs of fatigue, neurosis and other disorders, should consult a specialist-neurologist.

Advice 5: How to understand whether you like the guy or not

Sometimes it is not easy to understand your own feelings. It is difficult to say exactly what about human sympathy or love. But if you listen to your feelings, you can understand yourself and to decide with feelings.
How to understand whether you like the guy or not

Signs that a guy is interesting

When you are near the young man, appears unusual for you shyness. You are afraid to say superfluous word, not to look silly in his eyes. Thoughts are confused, and difficult to focus on what is happening.

The themes themselves move on to a discussion of the object of love. You with admiration tell about his jokes and antics. Trying to find friends opinion of him and his friends to elicit information about it. It can sometimes manifest itself unconsciously, and you not notice for a such signs. Ask a close friend, not too often glimpsed in your conversations to his name.

You carefully listen to his stories. With interest learn his preferences, favorite movies, games, music or books. Then studying, trying in this way to understand it better. Trying to find common interests and topics to start a conversation and get a little closer to him.

At night you dream of romantic dreams with his participation. Sometimes the subconscious mind understands feelings much quicker of mind and suggests a solution through dreams. But sometimes it can be caused by your thoughts on like the guy or not. So you try on him the role of the beloved and to assess their reaction to it.

Signs that a guy likes

However, there is a small line between "just cute" and "really like." All of the above symptoms show that you are interested in the young man, but does not show love. But if, in addition to them, you notice for themselves and the following symptoms, feelings are definitely there.

All his jokes seem to be funny even if you laugh at them alone. Each story captivates you, are you ready to listen to him all day. Try to chose your meetings to "accidentally" meet and look at it once a minute.

If he touches you, even by accident, the heart begins to beat faster. You may feel dizzy and cheeks appear to glow from excitement.

Your gaze keeps returning to the object of love. Even if he is behind you, you will try to find a reason to look around and discreetly throw at him. But if you meet eyes, excitedly averting your gaze to the side.

If you still doubt my feelings for you, add a little imagination. Imagine that he kisses you. Do you feel disgust? Or this idea seems nice exciting and desirable? But if instead of a kiss to imagine the bed scene? Find answers to these questions, and then you will be able to understand their feelings.
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