Find out the cause of hostility. You may perfectly realize. For example, the person you insulted or humiliated, i.e. you have a reason for such feelings. But it so happens that you don't understand why you don't like someone. After all, the man is good, and other people communicate with him without problems. In this case, to establish the cause more difficult as the feeling of hostility arises unconsciously.
Learn to control your emotions and assess various situations objectively. Possible reasons for the occurrence of hostility there, but under the influence of feelings, bad mood or some old memories, you begin to experience irritation to the person.
If the reason of your hostility is not obvious, and you realize that a good man, try to learn it better. In more dense communication, some unpleasant Association caused by this person, most likely, will disappear.
The reason for the hostility could be that the person is a reflection of your own shortcomings. For example, you often late for work, but are afraid to admit their punktualnost and the other person is late, but it takes this negative trait in itself. Exactly what he never hides, just might cause you annoyance. In this case, try to change the attitude to yourself, to recognize their weaknesses or try not to overreact to their presence in other people.
If the reason for hostility is substantial or you are not able to cope with their emotions, try to stop or reduce contact with that person to a minimum. Sometimes you have to ignore too persistent and annoying person. Gradually his interest in you will disappear.
Unfortunately, you can't always ignore people. Especially if you have to communicate for work, and certainly you can't do that if he is your boss. In this case you should try to change your attitude to the situation. Of course, you need to communicate with these people, but make every word and action to heart is not necessary. Abstracted from personal experiences. Think of this communication as an unpleasant necessity.