The solution is actually simple. But first you should remember, what not to do. Don't write on my own box: "Bring back my account!", because the answer will be. If the box is stolen, he is probably used to send spam, that is served by a robot, and no one living there not goes. But if you forgot your password, your hate mail will only be talking to the void.
Don't hire the "cool hackers" who promise to crack stolen a box for some fee to get it back. Most often, these people just take the money and disappear. The days of the great attackers who were able to hack email and steal the passwords from the boxes are long gone. All methods of hacking email accounts is now a so-called social engineering, there is interaction with real people.
Remember when you could "give" your password to the attacker: passed on a false link to a virus site, pumped himself a spyware program of dubious files, introduced where it is not necessary, your username and password. But if these methods help to steal a box of man, the robot, the box does not steal. He was not asked to, do not read emails, not downloads files and does not enter into the fake sites username and password. He only send you spam. And so, too, should not apply to trespassers or they are just lying, or lack the skills to complete the task, and therefore also lie.
You have only one real way to regain control of the box - go to the support page Contact this service and ask them to restore the lost control over your account. To do this you need to remember the data you used when registering your account. If you have right, support will help you. And getting access to the box, you will be able to choose: either better protect your box and be careful to behave on the network, or delete it permanently.