To read the messages on the mail service from a computer, open a browser window. You can use any program to view pages on the Internet that are installed on your computer.
Go to a website where you have registered Inbox. If you have forgotten the name of your e-mail, you can contact your e-mail address. The sequence of characters placed after the @ sign, corresponds to the address of the email server. For example, if your address has the form имя, the mail server will be To go to it, enter this address in the browser address bar.
In the form that appears on page, enter your user name and password. If the forms are for entering data, use the tab "Mail", which should be available in the browser window. Click on the "Login" button to proceed into your account.
If all the data was entered correctly, you will be taken to the preview page message. Click on the link "Inbox" in the left part of the window. In the Central part of the page will display the list of emails available to read. To open any of them and read, just press the left mouse button on the desired line.
For reading messages you can also use third-party programs – The Bat! Outlook, etc., Go to the official website of one of the mail clients and get the latest version of the program. Then run the installation file and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
When you start the program will display the mail server settings. Enter your information on the mail resource that you use to exchange e-mail, in accordance with the proposed screen settings. You can also add other accounts using the appropriate menu item of the selected program.
Once the setting is completed, click on the button "Inbox" in the program window to read the received message.