Physiological leukorrhea is mucous vaginal discharge, without odor, completely transparent or whitish hue. The consistency resembles raw egg white. In healthy women, they are not heavy, do not cause discomfort, burning, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes of the genital organs, when dry on linen can leave a yellowish residue.
The amount of discharge is increased in adolescent girls shortly (for 1-2 years) before the first menstrual period. After the start of monthly bleeding becomes whiter more in the second half of the cycle and during pregnancy. Selection painless, the discomfort does not deliver.
However, there are times when a lot whiter, so that underwear becomes wet quickly, and without the daily strips is not enough. This is one of the reasons to go to the doctor and be tested, of course, everything can be explained by individual characteristics, but the presence of infection and inflammation is better to exclude.
Leucorrhoea greenish, frothy, watery, sukrovichnye, which has an unpleasant odor, are a symptom of problems in the body. They are called specific and nonspecific infections of the genitals, so just consult gynaecologist and treatment upon detection of causes.
In addition, to facilitate the emergence of abnormal discharge is capable of malignant and benign tumors of the internal and external genitalia. In this case, whites often have streaks of blood on linen leaves brown and Burgundy spots. The stench usually does not happen. The development of tumor diseases at teenagers are an extreme rarity, so the nature of the discharge should seriously alert.
Cheesy discharge (in the form of white flakes), sour smell, itching and burning signs of fungal lesions mucous membranes. They are caused in most cases by microorganisms Candida, and wear a medical name "Candida", in people, this condition is called "thrush". The main cause of the disease is low immunity against which disease-causing flora multiplies, leading to unpleasant symptoms.
Bacterial vaginosis - diseases caused by other microorganisms - cannelloni, is characterized primarily by discharges yellow-green in color, very viscous, with a disgusting smell of rotten fish. The likelihood of developing vaginosis povyshaetsya if the girl is sexually active and often complicated attached to STIs (sexually transmitted infections): chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis.