You will need
  • hygiene
  • - treatment of damaged areas with a solution of soda, borax, etc.
Newborn baby still very poorly suited to the world and has a weak immune system. Therefore in this age it is very important to observe the necessary rules of hygiene to avoid many problems.
One of the most common diseases in the infant toddler is a yeast infection. Most often it is formed on the mucosa in the oral cavity of the child. Outwardly manifested in the form of curd plaque on the tongue, gums, inside of the cheeks. At the initial stage she may only be in small areas, easily removed and does not cause the baby any discomfort. If you notice small white spots in baby's mouth, you should handle them with cotton wool soaked in solution of baking soda, borax or hydrogen peroxide (highly diluted) to avoid further spread.
In the case of already advanced stage, when the white patches cover almost all the mucous, you should see a doctor for treatment. After removal of plaque the skin in these areas will be sore, and it can be treated as "Efficient", "Lugol", etc. in Any case not to self-medicate, as this may aggravate the situation. In some cases, the specialist prescribes treatment with drugs: "Diflazon", "Diflucan", "fluconazole", etc.
Candidiasis can occur in different cases. The most common is poor hygiene. If the baby is fed with a mixture, it is necessary to boil bottles and nipples for breastfeeding - the mother should definitely take a shower before feeding. All the toys and items that baby can pull himself in the mouth, it should be carefully treated.
Frequent vomiting can also be a cause of yeast infection from creating an acidic environment in your mouth because that's the most favorable conditions for the development of the fungus. To resolve this, you must try after feeding to carry the baby upright, as well as to handle your mouth with a weak solution of soda.
The baby can get thrush from the mother during delivery, in this case, you must pass the treatment of the woman in order to prevent a return of the disease.
In rare cases the child may appear thrush in the genital area in the form of a white plaque. The reason for this may be either a weakened immune system, treatment with antibiotics. In this case, you must immediately consult a doctor for treatment because neglected disease can cause a variety of complications in the future. In addition to medical treatment of the baby should wash away chamomile or succession.
You can not let the disease to chance, thinking that it was all gone. Running the stage of yeast infection very difficult to treat, it can develop into a chronic, giving complications on many organs.