Why do women need lube?

Without natural lubrication a dry vagina will not be subjected to mechanical damage in the course of sexual intercourse, turning in at the gate for infection of pathogenic microbes. The nature has taken care of women, including in the vaginal microflora is not only the mucus of the cervical canal, but plenty of lactic acid bacteria responsible for the maintenance of a normal environment.
The appearance of discharge from the vagina usually indicates the occurrence of ovulation. Normally, they should be transparent or opaque, have no smell and do not cause irritation of the genital organs.

In addition, the composition of vaginal lubrication are present in skin cells, exfoliating from the walls of the vagina and cervix, and opportunistic pathogens, in small amounts not harmful to the female body.

The character of the secretions from the female genital tract can vary under the influence of many factors. The age of the woman, especially her hormonal levels, maintaining a sex life, if any, determine the color and consistency of secretions.

How does a sex act on grease?

A normal clear discharge from the vagina after sexual intercourse may change. If you've had unprotected intercourse, within hours of the female genital tract will be clear blobs with white or cream shade.

After 8 hours after sex, the discharge becomes more copious and liquid. If in the process of sexual intercourse the male semen has not got in a vagina when intercourse was interrupted, or used a condom, highlighting acquire a creamy consistency becomes viscous.

Hormonal drugs, used woman as a means of contraception, due to hormonal changes also affect the nature of vaginal discharge. The abundant lubrication in the period of taking the pills doesn't happen. The ability to reduce the amount of vaginal secretions has and breast feeding, but only in the absence of monthly and compliance with the rules of feeding "on demand".
2 ml was the volume of secretions is considered the daily norm. The presence of copious secretions, which changed its color and consistency should be the reason for the treatment in female consultation.

Where can take copious lubrication during pregnancy?

The increase in the amount of vaginal discharge during pregnancy due to increased vascularity of the reproductive system and the infiltration of a small amount of plasma into the lumen of the vagina. Liquid oozing constantly dirty underwear, and to cope with it only the frequent changes of sanitary pads.

In anticipation of the delivery, the discharge becomes mucous, because of their discharge from the cervical canal. If a large number of allocations of the acquired liquid in nature, this may indicate the beginning of the discharge of amniotic fluid, therefore, you should immediately contact your gynecologist.