Have girls the disease occurs due to the incomplete local immunity, very thin and delicate mucous membranes and the skin of the vulva, which are easily injured. In addition to the appearance of this disease may result in the presence of pinworms, because the corruption occurs in the skin of the external genitalia as a result of scratching. To diagnose this disease counsel a child in the pediatric gynecologist. He will hold the outer gynecological examination, take tests (direct microscopic examination of smears and culture to determine resistance to various antibiotics).
When treating vulvitis is necessary to eliminate the local symptoms and the cause of the disease. The elimination of the pathogen need antibiotics or antifungals, depending on its type and sensitivity to the allocated drugs.
In addition, be sure to conduct the local treatment of outer genital organs of various antiseptic solutions, make lotions or cold compresses with a solution of furacillin, warm sitz baths (infusions of chamomile, calendula, succession, eucalyptus), washing and irrigation with antiseptic solutions. After wet treatments labia gently dry it with a cloth and sprinkle with powdered medical better based on streptotsida. The powder will absorb the discharge, and prevent further irritation and inflammation of tissues.
If the child complains of intense itching, lubricate the vulva ointments containing anesthetics. Additionally, you can use ultraviolet irradiation in a physiotherapeutic Cabinet. In allergic nature of the disease give the child antihistamines. Stick to a strict diet, do not let your child network of sweet, spicy and salty foods.
Parallel to treat comorbidities (chronic inflammatory infection, hormonal disorders), as well as strengthen your immune system. Obligatory condition of preventing vulvitis is the hygiene of the external genitalia.