First, undress, stand in front of a mirror, take a measuring tape and measure the volume through the most prominent point of your Breasts. Remember that the tape can not be tightened, it needs to go parallel to the floor. Record the result.
Now similarly measure the girth under the chest. This value also write.
If you got value from 67 to 72 cm., then the marking of a bra search for figure 70.
If the value is between 73 and 77 see, look for on the label figure 75.
A value of from 78 to 82 cm is equivalent to 80 on the label.
If the value is from 83 to 87 cm, suitable figure – 85.
If the chests you got from 88 to 92 see, look for the number 90.
If the underbust girth ranges from 93 to 97 see, look for the number 95.
The underbust girth from 80 to 102 cm equivalent to the size of 100.
Now subtract the volume of the chest at the outermost points of the chests. Depending on the resulting numbers will determine the Cup size of the bra.
If the difference will be 10-12 cm, Cup size is AA or 0.
If the difference is equal to the 12 13 see, then choose the Cup size A or 1.
If the difference in measurements 13 – 15 see you will fit In the Cup or 2.
Difference of 15 – 17 cm means that you need to choose the Cup size or 3.
The difference in the 18 – 19 cm choose D Cup, or 4.
If the difference is 20 – 22 cm, choose a Cup size DD or 5.
The difference of 23 – 25 cm corresponds to Cup size E (6).
The difference of 26 – 28 cm corresponds to a Cup size F (6+).
Remember that some manufacturers size can be calculated in different ways. For example, in France, the breast size is determined by the formula: circumference of the chest at the outermost points subtract the underbust girth divided by six. That is, if the bust you have 85, the circumference under the Breasts 70, your size will be calculated thus: (85-70)/6=2,5.
Always know your breast size coming into the store, but best of all, of course, once you try on a bra, because the underwear sellers are reluctant to accept the product back.
Good luck to you!