To determine breast size visually not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. For this you only have to compare the shape of the breast of his beloved woman with some form of sports equipment.
If Breasts of your favorite women strongly reminds you of balls for playing ping pong, then the size of her touching zero. Give your favorite bra with closed foam cups, able to visually enlarge her Breasts.
If a woman's breast freely fits in the palm of your hand, and its form is reminiscent of billiard balls, so your favorite! To visually enlarge it is also capable of bra that has cups with foam inserts.
The shape of the balls for croquet has a full bust is a size two. When choosing a bra for holders of second breast size look for models with tight cups without foam inserts.
Close to ideal is considered to be a third breast size. In size and form it much resembles a sports projectile. as the ball for handball. To make a third breast size even more appetizing and appealing capable of the Push-up bra.
If the Breasts of your women is associated with two volleyballs, but it certainly is a happy owner of a fourth size. Bra for such a large "sports equipment" should be equipped with elastic inserts that securely holds the chest.
Chest fifth the size visually resembles soccer balls. Keep in mind that a lot of bust should choose very reliable "skeleton" in the cups which are sewn into hard elastic headband.
If Breasts of your favorite similar to two basketball size is six. Bra for such "wealth" needs to be equipped with a rigid frame and a strong wide straps.