It should immediately be noted that it is not always Ureaplasma should be treated. If quantification has been shown that the proportion of microorganisms Ureaplasma is low, the body can cope with them yourself, without the need to drink antibiotics. If the situation requires treatment, there are many options. But the best kind of treatment may offer only professional - gynecologist or urologist.
When Ureaplasma can prescribe various antibiotics. Most often, the doctor may prescribe drugs such as "Yunidoks Solutab", "Villaran", "Metronidazole" or "Tsiprolet". They all belong to the antibiotics of the following groups:
- aminoglycosides;
- macrolides;
- tetracycline;
- fluoroquinolones.

The choice of these pharmacological groups due to the fact that Ureaplasma resistant to penicillin and cephalosporin. Therefore, their purpose there was no treatment effect will not give.
Antibiotics for Ureaplasma released mainly in the form of tablets. There are solutions for injections, but they are used rarely. Amount and time medication is appointed strictly physician. About the dosage of the active ingredient to say exactly difficult. Each of the drug is their own. Usually the drugs are sold in a package of 10 pieces. Tablet covered with a special membrane, which is very easily dissolved in the digestive tract. Store antibiotics in a specially designated areas. The tablets should not be exposed to sunlight, the temperature should be not more than 25C. If a drug is released in the form of candles, storing it in the refrigerator better.
In order not to harm the body, doctors prescribe a comprehensive approach to antibiotic drugs for liver and stomach. Women can be assigned also such drugs as "Lactodorum and Ugilec". They support the normal microflora of the vagina. Can still be prescribed medicine "Wobenzym". It speeds healing and boosts the immune system. To protect the liver from antibiotics administered "Essentiale Forte". There is also an analogue of this drug - "Essliver Forte." The pharmacological properties of these drugs are the same, but "Essliver Forte" is much cheaper.
There are contraindications for antibiotics from a Ureaplasma. First, if you have individual intolerance to the components, then the admission may be allergic. Second, pregnancy and lactation are contraindications to taking any antibiotics. That's why treatment for Ureaplasma should engage a specialist. Also for children under 8 years, many antibiotics are contraindicated.