Almost 90% of all colds smoothly flow in cough with viral nature, so treatment with antibiotics in this case is reasonable and effective. Antibacterial drugs are prescribed for a cold that lasts more than 5-7 days. But it must be remembered that antibiotics often cause allergies and addictive, so drink them only on prescription and in the chosen dosage.

In some cases antibiotics are needed

Antibiotics are indicated for bacterial bronchitis, bacterial pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia and bacterial tracheitis. In this case, the antibiotics will quickly lead to recovery of the patient, but if the nature of these viral diseases, the use of these drugs will not. So first of all you need to pass all the necessary tests, in particular, sputum on flora and sensitivity to antibiotics, and then to pick up a drug that is able to cope with a strong cough. If necessary tests, the patient is not handed over, it makes sense to choose drug is a broad spectrum of action – Flemoklav, Amoxiclav, Sumamed, Cefotaxime.

Antibiotics for severe coughs not affect the cough, and infection. In most cases, requires a comprehensive treatment, including the administration of drugs for the treatment of throat, nose and, if necessary, ears. With a strong cough may be prescribed antibacterial drug Codelac, able to deal with both dry and wet cough. You can dissolve pills or Prescribed Pektusin. To increase the immunity of the patient will help tincture of Echinacea or Immune. With a strong cough with phlegm is most advisable to take antibiotics such as Amoxiclav, Suprax and Azithromycin, Kitasamycin.

How to take

To take the antibiotic should be the dosage in which it is prescribed by a doctor. If after 1-3 days after the start of treatment she did not improve, the drug needs to change. You should try to drink the medication at the same time, it will provide a constant concentration of the active substance in the blood that are necessary for the damaging effects on microbes. And if the patient will skip medication or take it irregularly, treatment may be delayed and be ineffective.

The course of treatment, usually 5-7 days. Refusal of treatment after the improvement occurred 2-3 days after start of treatment may lead to a new relapse, but in this case you will have to start all over again and drink another drug as to previous microbes have acquired resistance.