The impact of antibiotics on the reproductive function in men

Antibacterial drugs adversely affect sexual function in men and women. They disrupt spermatogenesis, causing the sperm may reduce motor activity. In addition, it decreases the amount of produced semen. This in turn entails difficulties with fertilization.

Antibiotics and conception are not compatible, so in about 3 months the man should refrain from their reception, that is after they use to wait a certain time. It is necessary for spermatogenesis recovered, and in conception was already new, healthy sperm as they Mature around 2-3 months.

Impact on women

Antibiotics have an impact on sexual function in women in two ways. First, they suppress ovulation and egg maturation. This occurs as a result of violations of the menstrual cycle. Most of them have side effects, one of which is sexual dysfunction. In the instructions for use of the drug is indicated is mandatory.

Secondly, antibacterial drugs during their prolonged use can lead to dysbacteriosis, resulting in altered microflora, which in particular affects the ability to conceive. In order to prevent a negative impact on the future of fetal medicine, pregnancy definitely need to plan.

That the child correctly developed and born healthy, expectant parents should prepare for the conception and first of all stop taking antibiotics.

To do this, after use, the woman is recommended to use protection for several cycles. During this period, the function to conception will recover and you can get down to business. We must highlight the fact that if all these conditions are not met, then antibiotics can adversely affect the baby.

Often seen congenital deformities of the fetus, miscarriage. Some of these drugs have a distant, unwanted effects: teratogenic, embryotoxic.

Because of this, when planning a baby it is important to remember that before conception is necessary to exclude the use of antibiotics both men and women. This fully secures the future of the fruit and allow birth to a healthy offspring.