Spastic condition of the colon may be a consequence of endocrine, autonomic or mental disorders. It appears under the influence of local factors, such as the violation of diet or taking laxatives, as well as General nervous or humoral. If spastic constipation appears in the background of any endocrine disease, begin treatment of the underlying pathology. Often the spasm of the intestines accompanies a stressful situation. In such cases, take sedatives. Avoid taking laxatives and stick to the diet.
Diet for spastic constipation involves the reception of mechanically and chemically gentle food, non-irritating to the mucous of the colon. Therefore, all kinds of plant foods you eat, in paste condition. Eat vegetables cooked with the addition of butter or vegetable oils, fats reduce intestinal spasms. Completely eliminate foods containing crude fiber — barley cereals, nuts. Meat, consume boiled. Cold foods and beverages are contraindicated. Products with astringent properties — jelly, cocoa, strong tea, and rice porridge, limit or completely eliminate from the diet. Necessarily eat the sprouted grains of wheat, they contain a lot of vitamin B1 which contributes to the normalization of the nervous regulation of the intestine.
When severe intestinal cramps with severe pain rest. Take warm aromatic baths, paraffin baths and warm up the belly warmer. Do not do massage and gymnastics, they are contraindicated in spasticeski constipation.
From folk remedies to apply potato juice and decoction of figs. Prepare fresh juice from potatoes, resilite it with water in a ratio of 1 to one and drink 3 times a day, a quarter Cup 30 minutes before meals. Or brew 2 dried figs in a glass of boiling water, cool and drink 1 tablespoon 3 times daily before meals.