If your lover suddenly had too much to do, do not jump to conclusions. He can do a lot of work. But remember, if he loves you, he'll at least call you 5 minutes to talk. If you ceased to see him, he calls you every few days, it is unlikely that he still has feelings for you. Most likely, he lost interest in you. He no longer feels the necessity in communicating with you.
When a person falls in love, he does not notice the downsides of its halves. Of all her faults, seemed to him the advantages or things that are not worth paying attention to. But if love comes in more recently, a loved one starts to annoy everyone. If he is irritated by your words, actions, deeds, it seems that you must change, then his feelings are gone. It may not suit your appearance? Then it all bad.
You'll notice if your partner will cease to be affectionate with you. He has less to give you a hug and kiss? The desire to make love to you occurs in it less? In bed, he looks like he's asleep? Accept the fact that his feelings have cooled.
If your boyfriend always got mad when you had the attentions of other men, and now he's not paying any attention to it, this is a serious reason to think that he loves you or not. Maybe he just started to have more trust in you, it is sure that you only pay attention to him. And maybe his love just died.
If you notice that your loved lately started to lie to you, he probably has a reason to lie. What if this other woman? When you have the chance, discreetly check his phone for calls and messages from unknown numbers. If possible, check his page in social networks. If it turns out that he had another, then he no longer loves you.
Be attentive to her man. Analyze his behavior, not forgetting to take into account his character. Some men aren't naturally gentle and mild in dealing with his ladies, despite the fact that feel for him true feelings. Or your favorite is just too overworked, and he needs to rest. Do not hurry to sever relations, not convinced their suspicions.