All men are different, and therefore their reaction to offense can be very different. Some men, hearing unpleasant words in his address, immediately Express their discontent. In this case, the conflict can be resolved fairly quickly – you can discuss the situation and, if necessary, apologize.
Much more difficult to have a representative of the stronger sex, who, after your words, withdraw into yourself, slam the door and go to sleep. In such a situation, sometimes it is useless to run after him and shout, "I'm sorry". The man hangs up the phone, he doesn't want to see you and hear. Wait for the return of the cooled date. Then you will be able to discuss your conflict and to find the right words to recover between the two of you a warm and trusting atmosphere.
You understand that said, and the man pretends that he doesn't care. He calmly buries in the TV and pretends that all he is currently interested in is the reproduction of meerkats, the transfer of which is shown on the popular science channel. If your young man is not a biologist, in love with his profession, such behavior is a defensive reaction. To put up with such a resentful man should patiently and for a long time, calmly and kindly explaining to him their grievances, and listening to his arguments.
Some men behave like children. You have escaped the careless word, and the young man is already confused looks at you and blinks. In the heat of resentment, like a spoiled child, he can tell you more. And that you yourself are like that, and you cook taste good, and going to the gym won't save you, and indeed he does not have any romantic feelings.

The main thing in this situation – not to break. The man probably does not think so, he wants to hurt you as you hurt him. Wait until you both cool down, and then ask him to talk about the incident. If you really did something bad and feel guilt, unable to appease the partner gifts, because children love surprises.