Unstable operation motor domestic car Lada Priora can depend on many factors, and failure of the ignition coil is one of them. To diagnose damage of the coil, usually helps the sound of the engine. If this item is out of order, the motor begins to "troit," in other words – work is not at full capacity.

Naturally, in case of breakage of the ignition coil, you should immediately contact the service center. But in the case that a breakdown occurs on the road, you can try to cope with it on their own. A minor failure is quite possible to identify and remove himself.

Fault detection

If the engine suddenly began to "troit", the first thing you should pay attention to is the appearance of the ignition coil. A sign that a part has overheated and eventually burned out, are signs of strain on her body, the cracks and irregularities on the plastic surface.

To check the ignition coil, you need to use a multimeter by switching the device into test mode resistance. After that the contacts of the multimeter is necessary to fasten to the first and third contacts details and thus learn her resistance. If the coil is OK, the meter should show a value of about 0.5 Ohm with a small tolerance.

The next stage of diagnosis of the ignition coil is to check secondary wiring this part. To perform this procedure, you must probe red to touch the springs located inside the ignition coil boot. The black probe should be connected to the second contact. If the readings are far from the values of 340 ohms, the case in this case, it is not so good – it looks like the coil burned down.

If multimeter readings are OK, then most likely the ignition coil is working, and the only thing to do is just reinforce her isolation. This will require a special heat shrink tubing (must be in stock at each driver), which must be heated and put on the coil. This procedure will help to cope with the problem of possible leakage Prior.

Better to be safe

Upon expiration of the warranty period of the ignition coil (on car Lada Priora 4 pieces, one for each cylinder), it is desirable to change on new, and if possible to a higher quality. In self-replacing ignition coils it is necessary to turn off the car's weight – so the risk of damage to the electronics is minimized.

The average resource quality ignition coil (often imported) is about one hundred thousand kilometers.