In the design of the generator ВАЗ2115 includes, in addition to rotor, stator, relay controller with valves (diode bridge). To determine which item is to blame for the failure of the alternator (or bad his work), you can first check on the car, without removing the generator.


To test the regulator you will need an assistant. Ask him to start up the engine and bring the rpm to 3000. It should include dimensions with a headlight, "stove", the rear window demister. Measure with a tester the battery voltage, which should exceed 13.2 V (alternator 9402.3701) or 13.6 In (37.3701 generator). At a voltage significantly below this value, then the "fault" of the generator windings (short, open), relay controller, or no contact on the rings of the field winding (due to oxidation). Indirectly, you can determine the fault relay of the controller when enabled, the high beam (the other users must be off). To do this, again measure the voltage, which should comply with the same at 13.2 or 13.6 V.

Safer to determine the efficiency of the regulator removed the generator and relay-regulator. Take a 12V test light and connect it between the brushes. At the same time apply 12V DC from a suitable power supply by connecting the plus to the terminal "D+" and minus the weight of the car. The lamp should illuminate. At a smooth voltage increases to 16V it will go out. If it does not, in any case, the regulator will have to change. If you have a generator brand 37.3701, plus DC voltage should be connected to the contact "B" and "C", and minus to ground.

Valves (rectifier) generator

To control enough of the battery and a test lamp. Connect the plus battery through a test lamp to the terminal "B+" on the alternator (if 37.3701, then to terminal "30"), negative to the body. Burning lamp indicates a break out or short circuit the block valves (both negative and positive). To verify the serviceability of the unit plus valves, connect using a test light, plus a battery with the same terminal ("In" or "30"), minus any phase winding. Burning lamp speaks of the breakdown of one of the valves.

Check the negative valves (diodes), if you connect through the lamp any phase winding with the weight of the generator housing). The burning of the lamp indicates the circuit of the windings of the stator housing of the generator or the breakdown of one of the valves. Each of them can be checked with a tester (ohmmeter), but we'll have to disconnect one of the contacts of the diode. To change the rectifier Assembly better; be recommended by a specialist workshop.