Bikes usually divided into children, teenagers and adults. In addition, sometimes male and female options. Are also large can be divided into tourist, city, road and mountain. Each of these types can be attributed to Amateur, semi-professional and professional equipment.
One of the most common Bicycle is an Amateur. It is perfect for beginners and professionals. Its main advantages — relatively low cost and design flexibility. This bike you can quickly fix it yourself, as spare parts, you can buy them in any store.
A semi-Pro bike is much more expensive and better Amateur. On this technique it is possible to make complex tours, so this model is more suitable for those who have chosen as their hobby of Cycling.
And for professional athletes is produced in a special technique, which is sold separately and can cost as much as the average car. Expensive and maintenance of these bikes.
But whatever bike you choose, should be known and considered the main performance. For example, a Bicycle frame, you must choose growth - its height should be about 10 cm below your belt. Also the frame will not let you get tired from overexertion while driving.
It is also very important to choose a bike with a comfortable saddle. Usually exercise bikes produce with long and wide seat, and racing – with a narrow and hard. Women are better suited to a bike with a wide saddle. In order to make you comfortable, the saddle can be adjusted.
Not least when choosing a bike is the wheels. This takes into account their size, rim, tire, and spokes. It is better to choose a bike with aluminum rim. The spokes are also made mostly of aluminum. Usually there are 32 pieces, but the wheels of mountain bikes because of the greater load is 36.
It is also very important to have on the bike's brakes. For most two-wheel vehicles typical foot tormoza mechanisms. But since in some models the pedals are not very convenient, it is better to choose a bike with hand brakes.