Advice 1: How to choose a bike for long trips

The choice of bike for long trips – it is responsible. It is necessary that he not only was comfortable for long term pedaling, but it is possible and even facilitated your efforts. There are several types of bikes for long trips, they are slightly different in purpose.
How to choose a bike for long trips

Mountain bikes

Mountain bike, MTB or mountain bike is a model, specially created for driving on rough terrain. This bike will help you overcome different obstacles, it will reduce the complexity when in contact with a bad road surface, a gear change will make you less tired.

Quality mountain bike boasts a particularly durable frame, improved braking system and reinforced suspension fork that adds comfort to the cyclist.

Touring bicycles

These bikes are either lightweight, or specially adapted for transportation of goods. Long hikes often mean that you will take with you the necessary things, including the tent and food, so an additional device for cargo – usually this is a special trunk – could help you a lot. Travel models usually are also effective mudguards, wheels of large diameter, necessarily amortized front fork. Sometimes attenuation is present on the rear suspension.

Hybrid bikes

A hybrid bike is based on tourism and mining. This bike boasts of durability and reliability, typical of mountain models, and suitability for long trips, typical travel bike. Hybrids usually have a rugged aluminum frame, sometimes amortized. The steering wheel is straight, fit is quite high.

What to choose?

To determine which of the following types of bikes will suit you best, you need to understand what type of journey you plan to make. For example, Biking in the cities requires overcoming serious obstacles, so perfect hybrid bike.

To hike into nature and trips to the mountains and forests, and indeed, in any extreme trips, it is better to take a mountain or touring bike. As the mountain bike is not designed for cargo, and you have a backpack, you have two options: either to carry him on their shoulders, or to establish a special trunk.

As a rule, really long journey still implies that you will ride on the mountains and in the cities. Therefore, serious travelers often prefer the hybrid model, sometimes adding some details or changing some system preferences. Although, there is the well-known travelers, traveled the whole world, who go even on the simplest Bicycle models.

Advice 2 : The thin line of touring

To the ignorant person tourism on bicycles – it is simple enough. Drove to the forest, until his legs are tired, spent the night in the trendy tent under the open sky and returned back satisfied.
The thin line of touring

In fact, this romantic in some sense the image break into pieces the reality of life: bad winding road, the stones that are hatched and just will not go round, the risk to collide with the glass, crashing into a tree. This is not talking about dogs that like to chase cyclists and throw under the wheels. To all these troubles you need to be prepared and to be able to get out of them.

There are also several types of Cycling that are suitable for people with different desires and goals.

For example, the touring sports designed for gambling people are willing to travel long distances and beat new records. The whole point of sport touring is to reach the final point faster than someone else. Today this type of tourism gradually fades, but there are still fans who are willing to breathe new life into the gambling side of tourism by bicycles.

Gansicke the touring is also designed to overcome a certain distance. Those who got involved in this campaign, do not pay attention to the surrounding beauty, attractions and unique structures. For them the most important thing is the speed, adrenaline and fast driving. This different kind of touring from the previous one that does not set clear limits, when tourists have to finish their journey.

For beginners and those who like to contemplate the beauty of these places would be the best civilized Biking regular Cycling without any competition and playing "catch-up".

For adventurers and those wishing to test themselves will fit:

  • forwarding type of tourism that implies the overcoming of different obstacles;
  • Moto touring, for owners of high-end bicycles, of which I want to squeeze all the juice;
  • winter Biking it will suit for those who ride in good weather, not interesting, but you need to make the bike ride bad weather, slippery puddles and chilling frost.
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