You will need
  • Board;
  • - long nails;
  • - large bird cage;
  • - a piece of wire or metal rod;
  • metal tank;
  • beams;
  • - nails;
  • - gauze, tulle, or mesh against insects;
  • - a joiner's tool.
The simplest dryer for fish is a wide Board with hammered into her with long nails. The nails pass through the Board and bent hooks. So the dryer could be hung on the balcony, make a couple loops around the edges. This dryer is very fast, but it has a couple of significant drawbacks. You can only use it in the loggia, where the Windows are covered with insect screen, otherwise the entire fish will fly-bitten. To hang the dryer you need at such a height that the cat could not reach out to her.
A small dryer can be made of metal cage. In fact, in this case, even to do nothing is enough to find a piece of thick wire and impose on him a fish. Wire put in the tank so that the fish does not touch the walls. The ends of the wire clamp in the grid cells. Fish can be dried and the hooks attached to the upper rim of the cage. Hang the tank and cover it with gauze or tulle. If there is a cat on top of the dryer it is better to close a wide Board to hairy Amateur fish couldn't reach the gauze.
An excellent dryer get of large bird cages. It is exactly the same as batches, with the only difference that a sufficiently large rectangular cage, you can not hang. Cut several pieces of wire, string on these fish. Wire attach it to the bars of the cage. On top of the dryer cover with a transparent cloth, breathable.
Make stationary the dryer, you'll need a frame, about the same as for the aquarium. The frame can be welded or wood. Welded is better to order. Wood you can put together yourself. Put together two identical frames for the floor and ceiling. The size of the dryer depend on the number of fish you want to process. Instead of the lower frame, you can put the Board, instead of the top – piece of thick plywood.
Connect the floor and ceiling by four identical blocks or wide strips. At the same distance from the floor on opposite sides will prekratite two more rods to hang wire. Cut several pieces of thick wire. String the fish, lay the wire on the cross rails so that the fish do not touch each other. Cover design lightweight fabric.