Advice 1: How to make a pond for fish farming

There are many ways to create a pond for fish farming at home - as complex, requiring a great physical and material costs, and simple and cheap.
Before you can create a pond for breeding fish, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements of creating an artificial water reservoir.
The pond should not be in the shade of trees or buildings so it can be lit by the sun at least part of the day. It is best to create it among the flower beds and close to home. And shape of the reservoir can be completely rely on the imagination, the depth of the reservoir depends on its purpose. For example, hoping to leave the fish in the pond for the winter, need to build special wintering pits or wells.
Approximate average depth of the pond is not more than 1.5 meters. It should also be noted that water at this depth is not warming up completely. To do this, leave areas of lesser depth (approximately 0.3 meter).
As for materials, the easiest way is to use ready-moulded forms, but their main drawback - fragility.
There are many other, more reasonable ways to create a frame and means to do so. Experts, for example, suggest the old-fashioned way to do the bottom and sides of the reservoir from the mixture of concrete is at least 400 stamps (part 1), coarse sand (2 parts) and gravel (3 parts).
First you need to fill the bottom. After it cured, proceed to the construction of walls, which should be in the thickness 12-14 cm, and the bottom. They can also have stairs. Concrete wall need in a wooden formwork or flexible plywood (for a pond with curved banks).
After about 2 weeks you have to clean the pond, leaving water in it for 1-2 days. Then make soil, sand, plant aquatic plants, finally pour water and sarilaya.
In autumn it is desirable to drain the water to catch the fish, clean the bottom and, if necessary, to fix an artificial reservoir.
Useful advice
Do not leave in winter, the pond filled with water, because freezing, it destroys the concrete structure.

Advice 2: How to build a pond

How nice on a hot summer day to sit by the picturesque pondand! But what if your site has no body of water? To make a pond you can with your hands. We only need to observe some simple instructions.
How to build a pond
Before digging the pond, it is necessary to determine its location. It is important that the pond was not under the scorching sun, in harmony with the surrounding landscape and was visible from the house. Well, if there will grow trees that will provide shade. When the optimal location for a pond is found, it is necessary to identify its shape and size. This is done by means of a rope.
How to build a pond
You then need to dig a pit for the pond. Make sure that the angle of slope is 30°. Otherwise the soil will eventually slide and cover the pond. Clean the bottom of the pit from the roots and other objects such as stones, debris. They can damage the film. You can make a raised bottom, dig a pit stairs. Then in the pond in the shallow, middle and deep parts. If the depth of detegent meters, in the pond it will be possible to start fishing, she'll be able to spend the winter.
How to build a pond
After this you should cover the bottom and sides of the pit with a special film. It is sold in specialized stores. The joints of the film are glued together with waterproof glue. On the shore of the pond you need to make the overlap of tape. The film need to be fixed, covered with earth from the excavation. You should then put the scenic rocks. They will decorate the pond and fix the film. The pond can be decorated to your taste: put plants, pour sand or pebbles.
How to build a pond

Advice 3: How to rent a pond

Rent the pond may be the beginning of a profitable business: the fans of fishing we always had a lot. You can rent natural reservoir of the state or create your own artificial pond. Both require serious investment, but the first may still be less expensive. The main thing that you will need to rent a pond - the land on which is located the pond.
How to rent a pond
The first step to renting the pond - the choice of the pondin the good condition. Don't forget that for most purposes the use of the pond will need to clean and Refine, which requires specific investments. The cleaner the pond is, the less, consequently, you will have to conduct events for its purification, beautification and maintenance in proper condition. In addition, if you are planning to rent a pond for the organization of fishing, you should look for it in the most accesible areas of the other clients, you will have enough.
For rent pond should apply to the Executive body of state power or local self-government with the statement for granting in rent of the land on which is located the pond. According to the law it is impossible to rent a pond without land, within which it is located. The statement must specify for what purposes you will use a land plot, its size and location. Within one month the competent authority shall issue to the applicant the layout of the land plot on the cadastral plan of the territory and the applicant at their own expense carries out cadastral work. After that within two weeks the decision on granting the land plot in rent and the contract rent. If the lease is for a term of more than one year, it is subject to registration in bodies of rosreestra.
According to the Water code, any permits and approvals for the provision of a pond to rent for fishing or fish farming is not required. However, in many other cases, the depletion of water resources, the use of the pond for recreational purposes, etc.) required to obtain a decision on the granting of a pond in use from authorities and to enter into a water use agreement with the competent authority. To obtain the solutions you must apply to the Executive body of state power or local self-government with the justification of the use of the pond. The water use agreement for the use of the pond will need to pay in accordance with the rates adopted by the relevant authorities.

Advice 4: How to buy a pond

The presence of the reservoir has always been considered a big plus, regardless of the purpose for which it was purchased – for the economic cultivation and harvest, or for aesthetic decoration of the residential complex. Wide scope for operations of water resources has given edition of the water Code, which consolidated under private ownership 5% of all water bodies of the Russian Federation.
How to buy a pond
You will need
  • the land on which is located the pond.
Lake, river or pond increases the cost of the cost of real estate near 25% and sometimes 50%. But the water bodies always attract keen interest to environmental organizations. So before you buy a pond cost to think carefully about its benefits and about the many rules that must be followed.
For example, the distance of residential properties to the water in the conservation area may not be closer than 50 meters, and the area of the reservoir is 10 km2 for 10-50 km2 area of the reservoir, the distance shall be 100 meters and it is necessary to observe a distance of over 200 m to a reservoir with an area of over 50 km2. Plus in the conservation area need to take care of the treatment facilities.
In order to buy a pond, you need to buy the land on which it is located. Please note that if the pond is bordered by another land, transferring it in one hand is impossible.
Besides, to draw in private property can now be ponds with an area of 3 000 m2. Land with a pond is the property of the company within the shoreline. Of existing restrictions it is also worth remembering that under the Water Code, to divide the pond is prohibited. Difficulties may arise when the sale of land with a pond, since the pond alienation from the land is impossible, that is, to sell a separate pond without land will not work.
When purchasing a pond at a private property, please note that it does not give you automatic rights to do whatever you like. To prohibit in it to swim and fish, you certainly can, but the preserving the purity of the reservoir you no one is free.
If the pond is bought for the discharge of drainage water, water for watering plants, placement of moorings and the organization of children's rest, its owner will have to also special the decision on granting of water use. When using the reservoir for industrial purposes will need to sign a contract for the water authorities.

Advice 5: How to clean the pond of duckweed

Duckweed is the fastest growing aquatic plant which causes problems for owners of ponds. It can grow in just a few days, and remove it from the pond's surface is extremely difficult because the duckweed after cleaning again it starts to settle. How can you purify water from duckweed quickly and efficiently?
How to clean the pond of duckweed

Remove duckweed

First and foremost, you need to determine the type of plants, because not all green growth in the pond are duckweed, and herbicides kill not all weedy plants. If you find it difficult to classify a plant, take a sample and consult a seller of aquatic plants. Then it is necessary to properly calculate the dosage of the herbicides used – typically, for a 4000 square meters of treated surface requires 1 liter of a well diluted solution.

Too concentrated a solution will not rid you of the duckweed faster, but the other inhabitants of the pond can significantly harm.

Dilute herbicidal preparation in water, Bay her a container of appropriate size and adding a herbicide in the ratio of 50:1. Complete the resulting solution sprayer and treat drug pond, spraying the contents of the sprayer directly into the pockets of duckweed. If they are scattered, gather it to the side, moving the duckweed with a hose from the sprayer or any other handy object. This procedure should be repeated every two weeks as the growth of new centers of duckweed.

Recommendations on how to remove duckweed

Herbicides are best applied in late spring, as the duckweed the most vulnerable at this time of year. The use of drugs in the summer significantly lowers the level of oxygen in the pond that can kill fish, so if without treatment, in July-August not to do, you need to take them out of the pond and at the same time to destroy all the duckweed. After treatment can run fish in the pond twenty-four hours later, the medium reservoir was able to recover after herbicide application.

To rake up the dead moss from the surface of the pond, you can use long poles, which the plant moves towards the shore.

After pridvigaya duckweed in the area of accessibility, it should be removed from the pond with a simple rake, collect, and send them to the compost. Some pond owners use a remote duckweed as mulch, laying it under the bushes garden plants, since a layer of duckweed perfectly preserves precious moisture in the soil. In addition, duckweed can be made easy humus, which is maximally saturated with minerals and nutrients. Creative gardeners with design imagination often spread in the garden of the duckweed green decorative patterns and adorn them with flowers.

Advice 6: Bashkir ducks: breeding

Breed of the Bashkir duck got its name due to the breeders located in Bashkortostan breeding plant "blagovarsky". It is noteworthy that the process of withdrawal has not been targeted. The breed appeared in the course of breeding work to improve the performance of Peking duck, which began to appear mutant individuals.
Bashkir ducks: breeding
Individual mutants showed a high disease resistance, good productivity and easy maintenance. Blagovarsky breeders decided to use an unexpected result, began to take the mutants and deliberately propagate them. As a result, they managed to achieve sustainable results in breeding a new breed, which received the official name "Bashkir colour duck". Ducks of this breed are considered ideal for cultivation in private household farms, but many large bred poultry farm "Bashkir".

Features of the breed.

The color of the Bashkir duck is of two types, identified by color – "black black" and "khaki". In addition, externally the species can be identified by muscular, large, widely spaced feet, a wide concave bill and flattened head. The main features of ducks of this breed is their simplicity, frost resistance, excellent performance and egg and meat productivity and high disease resistance. The live weight of an adult can reach 4 kg, while fat in the body almost none. With each individual comes out to 70% of live meat, having no peculiar smell and has a special tenderness. For 40 weeks of the life of the Bashkir able to sit through 200 to 230 eggs, weighing 80-90 g, the average hatchability of which when the content in the incubator is 78-80%.

Features of breeding and keeping

Bashkir colored ducks are early maturing breed, with the right content value to the meat ducks and drakes acquires after 52 days of cultivation. After this period of intense weight gain stops, and the ducks begin to molt. Contain adult individual in a household can be up to 4 months.

After the incubator has a new brood, it should be placed in specially-equipped, well-lit room or a cage. During the first 20 days in the premises for the maintenance of the ducklings should always be maintained at a temperature in the 30ºC. The floor must be lined with deep heat-retaining blanket. It is worth noting that the appearance of a brood do not have to use the incubator, Bashkir duck, with its strong maternal instinct, without any problems hatch the eggs yourself. After 20 days of detention ducklings room temperature can be lowered to 16-18ºC. Walking along with a brood hen is best done at any of the nearby pond. After 3 weeks content light day for calves should be reduced to 9-10 hours. In the food unpretentious Bashkir ducks, feed them any grain feed for poultry.

Advice 7: Sturgeon fish: breeding

Russia has always been famous for its sturgeon. In field respect, sturgeons are very valuable as they provide delicious meat, a lot of expensive caviar. Used their bladders and spinal string.
Sturgeon fish: breeding

How to breed sturgeon. Equipment

For breeding of sturgeons need to prepare a special container and equipment. At the initial stage of cultivation you can use a regular plastic pool a meter deep and with a diameter of 1.5-2.5 meters. This capacity should be fitted to compressor, pump and filter to provide aeration, purification and filtration.

Quality equipment will allow to do without special employees, which in turn will help save money. If your budget allows, you can buy an automatic feeder to save time.

Equipment should not operate on their limits, it will reduce the lifetime. Before buying a compressor and pump need to know how much they can handle, it is better to take with some reserve capacity. To save money, the pool can be made of quality plastic. For the first time has enough capacity.

How to breed sturgeon. Fry and food

When the place for fish and all the equipment is ready, you need to buy 5 grams of fry from the large fish farms specializing in the breeding of sturgeon. To fry at home is almost impossible. This is the most important part of breeding, which can not save. From health purchased fingerlings depends on the growth rate and taste of fish.

Sturgeon feel most comfortable and good eats at a temperature of 20-24 degrees. Fish, sturgeon family is fed from the bottom and find food through sense of smell, consequently, food must smell good and sink in water. The food should be very nutritious and contain: 50% crude protein, 25% crude fat, 3% fiber and a quantity of lysine and phosphorus. It is best to buy food that is specifically designed for sturgeon, and not try to make it yourself.

Sturgeon fry develop in different ways, some of them after six months may be weighing in a pound and the other will gain the weight soon after 7.5-8 months. The most valuable are specimens weighing from pounds and more. To sturgeon grow faster, you need to regularly clean the tank from the bottom sediments, to check the status and adequacy of water volume.

If things are going well and the fish breeds you must use the pools for breeding. It should be noted that contain fish and in the greenhouse, while maintaining the required temperature.
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