You will need
  • - old refrigerator;
  • - fan
  • - air heater;
  • - drill;
  • - screws;
  • - copper wire;
  • - a pipe with a valve;
  • - metal baking pans;
  • console.
Remove non-working refrigerator, extra parts and components, leaving only the bare metal case. Sometimes even removed and insulation, but this is at your discretion.
To the external side of the rear wall of an old refrigerator and attach with screws to the fan, which blows air inside. The cooler can be set on the spot where formerly stood the compressor.
Homemade inside of the dryer install the heater, which connect the copper wire intended for connection to the mains. Remember: for maximum effect, the tray heater is better placed at a small distance from the fan.
In the upper part of the refrigerator hook up a pipe with a valve: through this pipe the moisture from the dryer will be output to the outside. The valve will perform the role of the thermostat.
If dryer for mushrooms will be used outdoors, for example, will be installed in the garden, paint it black: the dark color attracts the sun's rays, and therefore, will achieve greater efficiency.
Insert the improvised housing of the dryer three or four metal cookie sheet they spread out the cleaned, dry mushrooms. Then tightly close the door of the drying unit and plug it in. So began the process of drying mushrooms.
If your summer cottage built bath, it can also be a great dryer for mushrooms, fruits and vegetables. Install ventilation: use of "dried" to remove excess moisture. The heater in this case will be the oven. Remove the top shelves and in its place install the console on which to fasten the boxes for mushrooms, vegetables and fruits.