Many stars also have tattoos, and they begin to repeat their fans. Early tattoos were mainly appeared on the bodies of men, as it was originally, such figures have adorned themselves with sitting people, people in military occupations, etc. later, tattoo became popular among the female population. However, any girl before heading to the tattoo master, thinks about the fact, is it really worth to drive himself under the skin of the paint.

People of the old school say that the tattoo is an exclusively male prerogative, so do not deprive yourself of femininity and decorate with drawings. This, of course, prejudice. Modern women have long been equal to men and therefore there are no sexual restrictions, especially for tattoo, and the tattoos are different. There are exclusively female designs, which are unlikely to take advantage of the opposite sex.

Before making a tattoo, you need to decide on a pattern. In this case it is not necessary to imitate anyone, you need to choose the one figure that really liked it to the core because it stays with its master for life, and therefore shouldn't bother, which is why many suggest to do tattoos on those body parts that are not conspicuous, for example, on waist, back, etc.

Before starting the procedure, make sure that the master is the most professional, so they do not know how people can completely spoil invented sketch, and to bring it all would be difficult. The master must be checked by the person whose work is really like.

In addition, it is important that the master complied with all safety standards, properly handle appliances, used all sterile, as during the insertion of ink under the skin is very easy to get infected.

Many people are afraid to make a tattoo only because of the pain. Of course, when getting your tattoo, the pain will arise, but it is quite tolerable, because the masters are painkillers. And it is worth noting that according to statistics women are much better tolerate the pain and almost she did not complain. In addition, the sharpness of the pain largely depends on what part of the body will figure.

Tattoos can be beautiful, and they are able to truly decorate women's body, but only if the picture is chosen wisely and it is applied to the skin professional, so this procedure it should be possible to prepare well.