Remember that a tattoo parlor must include at least two rooms, one of which serves as reception and the other treatment room. In any case, don't settle for operation in the cabin, which all happens in the same room.
Each room should be clean and pleasant. This is where the communication with a potential client. Here you should offer a directory of drawings and portfolios by artists who work in the Studio. At reception also needs to be placed certificates and various documents of the salon. Remember that the Studio without certification and permission should cause you concern.
In the room of the cabin no Smoking. If you found in the cabin traces that are consumed any alcoholic beverages or drugs during work, then immediately give the services of this salon. There is no need to risk, permitting to work with your skin drunken master.
The treatment room must be absolutely clean and sterile, like an operating theater in a hospital. If before the entrance to the office you are offered a robe Il Slippers, then think again before you allow the wizard to work.
All of the tools that the wizard uses during application of the tattoo, should be disposable and sterile. All other items, such as furniture, power supply units, lighting fixtures shall be wrapped with plastic film to avoid contamination.
Ask to all the master tools were opened in front of you. Machine to perform the tattoo are disposable, but remember that after each client they must be sterile. Feel free to ask questions about cleanliness and safety — you do risk your own health.
Do not trust inexperienced and unprofessional master. Remember that each specialist should be a portfolio — if not, then not worth the risk, better give up his services. Carefully read all of his previous work — if they are done carelessly, lines rough and blurred, you better find another specialist.