Decide the picture that will adorn your body. This is a crucial choice because the tattoo is a painful, long and not always successful process, so it is better to fill such a picture or pattern that will not bother you any time soon. Look through catalogues of tattoos on the Internet, read the basic meanings the most popular tattoo symbols. Keep in mind that many of the drawings still associated the knowledgeable people from the area or a particular profession: for example, butterflies or roses stuffed with mostly girls of easy virtue.
Consider where to locate your tattoo. Most often tattoo women stuffed on the ankle, lower back, neck, men - chest, biceps, shoulder blade. It is not necessary to do the pattern on the skin, which over time can stretch or SAG (Breasts, stomach). If you have a high sensitivity to pain, don't do the tattoo where there is little subcutaneous fat, namely: on the ankle, pubis, ears, ribs.
Select the wizard, which will fill the tattoo. Take this selection very seriously because of the level of skill of this person will depend on the outcome. Walk in tattoo parlors, view portfolio professionals. Don't settle for services of a man who is his own works shows you examples of pictures from magazines or other people's samples. Check whether your chosen master disposable needles, gloves and caps for tattoo machine.
Don't do a tattoo during pregnancy, illness, in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Ideally, check with the attending physician, is not contraindicated if you tattoo, especially if you are allergic. Learn from the master what painkillers you'd better use before you go to get a tattoo.
Discuss in advance with the master sketch, the location and color of the future tattoo. Acquire the necessary tools for the care of skin after tattooing and follow all instructions. If you go to fill pattern on the skin first and don't know how to react to a painful procedure will loose the rest of the day after that tattoo parlor didn't have to go to work or school.