What you need to know before you apply the tattoo?

Firstly, tattoo is better to fill in a professional tattoo parlor. Second, before procedure it is necessary to take care of the drafting agreement pursuant to which salon providing such service shall use only disposable equipment and guarantees its customers full safety. Third, some professionals work at home, so trust a master is possible only if there is confidence in his professionalism and reputation.

Preparation for application of a tattoo

Preparing the stuffing. When stuffed, the tattoo, the pigments are implanted in the deep layers of the epidermis (upper skin layer). That is why the skin must be properly prepared. It should not be something dirty, to have any scratches and other temporary imperfections. In addition, the surface of the skin in the place where it will be engraved the tattoo, you need to remove the entire hair, after applying a tattoo involves a certain risk of injury.

General training of an organism. It is not recommended to fill the tattoo when the client is sick, feels bad, has fever and is experiencing high or low blood pressure. It is extremely prohibited to do the tattoo in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, and the next day after him! Not recommended in this day to drink coffee and other energy drinks.

Women wishing to get a tattoo, it must be remembered that during menstruation the processes responsible for the circulation and coagulation of blood change. It is therefore not recommended to fill a tattoo during this period.

Two weeks prior to the application of tattoos you need to abandon the Solarium, sunbathing. By the way, in the first month after applying the tattoos don't need to expose it to UV radiation. In addition, the day before the tattooing you need to sleep well and, if possible, not to take any medicines.

Moral preparation. Some experts advise their clients to come to them on the day of tattooing) in good spirits. It and is clear: some nervousness may prevent the master to professionally perform their job. Dealing with nerves can be important to remember that the pain during the procedure is minimal and hardly noticeable.

In any case, the day of the packing of the tattoo you need to throw away all the negativity to the side and forget about their problems. Psychologists even say that a good selection of specialist and sketch for tattoo can transform the procedure of its application to the body in a great therapy session.