Abstracted from situatiion only you feel the emotions you captured and the tears ready to pour from my eyes, imagine that this whole unpleasant situation has happened to you. Close your eyes. You sit in the cinema and watch a movie. Focus on the picture. On the screen is the same situation that just happened with you, but now you are a participant in this situation, you're a spectator, watching everything from the outside. Color picture gradually fades and becomes black and white, and then begins to decrease in size. Here it is shrunk to half screen, now up to a quarter, and finally completely turned into a small point.This method is based on the knowledge that we cry because of emotional involvement in the situation. However, as soon as you stop taking the situation to heart and take the position of an outside observer, the tears themselves retreating. The method proven a lot of times and almost trouble free.
Pity the man who you obydenkova we hurt, we cry from self-pity. The essence of this method is to shut down the emotion. Think about why people hurt you. Maybe he is doing much worse than you, and he's just jealous of you. Maybe he just got scolded by the boss, and he experienced the fear and humiliation could not resist and tore at you. Even if you have no real excuse offended you man, try to invent them. The main thing now is to keep back the tears, and everything else you think of later.
If the cause of tears is not what offended you, but just in the nerves, try uspokoitsya effective way is to slowly count to 10, breathe at the same time slowly, breathing deeply, and slowly exhale. When you were coping with your stress, drink some safe sedatives: tincture of motherwort or Valerian.
What not to do in any event that people have publicly ridiculed or offended some hard-ass sentence, let even alone, and you did not know what to answer, you can guarantee that in the next few hours all you will do is to invent a fitting response to the replica of the offender, and... cry. The fact that you will return again and again to the incident, you are emotionally fixated on this situation and have a legitimate anger at the abuser and self-pity. It is not easy to deal with, but it's better to postpone thinking about the incident at least the next day, when the strongest emotions are held. A decent answer to think it's never too late!