Shame is of two types: light and heavy. Weak shame prevents some sort of action, he stops the person before committing, understanding, that will then be ashamed, very slow in time; it also allows you not to commit wrong deeds. Strong emotion can even be fatal, it leads to feelings of inferiority, hinder and sometimes pushing for drastic action to punish herself for the act.

Useful shame

A sense of shame formed in childhood, in the process of education. And sometimes people impose false beliefs. For example, the tightness of his body are not always appropriate and necessary, but because of the childish attitudes it is difficult to handle. Sometimes a shame to have a lot of money, ashamed to look good among others, ashamed even to be happy. These beliefs interfere with living happily, do not allow to enjoy very positive aspects of life. If you are ashamed, think, and is it logical sense at this time?

If shame for controversial things, look at it closely, recall under what circumstances you said that this behavior is not correct. Just need to realize that today this feeling is no longer relevant, and it will disappear. Our mothers and grandmothers might not conform to modern realities, they do not need to carry.

Shame is a fear of condemnation

If you are ashamed, think, and to whom you feel uncomfortable? People may judge you, say that you are wrong? The answer to this question is much more forgiving, it turns out that you are uncomfortable in front of loved ones, who never can know what you are doing. But if this feeling in front of others, analyze, and im really interested in what you have done? People think only about themselves, they do not often notice anything around them to you is not always the case.

Fear of judgment, fear of other people's opinions makes you deprive yourself of the joys. You refuse many opportunities, looking back at the others. But does their opinion make to live better? Sometimes it's better to do something to remember this all my life, enjoy the moment and not think about the opinion of others.

How to cope with shame

If you feel ashamed before a specific person if the event there are witnesses, don't hide your eyes, don't flush so much and turn everything into a joke. Think of some phrase that will make it not a global catastrophe, and a gorgeous joke. Even saying a simple thing: "And this is all I have done?" can immediately relieve the tension.

If the action caused someone harm, delivered discomfort, it is not superfluous to apologize. Ask for forgiveness for his actions, and it just closes the situation. And although this requires effort, but it is not so difficult than carrying all the experiences with them for several days or even weeks.