The tears occur most often from pain, suffering, frustration. Any pain is a complex construct of human experience that consists of thoughts, emotions, feelings and experience. An optimist by nature or man with a strong character will be less painful to survive situations that cause emotional or physical pain. The pessimist will endure such a situation is more complicated . Self-esteem it low, while it is often not inclined to Express their emotions openly. Accumulated domestic problems are manifested in headaches and stress. It turns out that it is better to cry, give vent to emotions and problems. Doctors believe that tears are a response to physical pain or stress.

Most interesting is that crying is very good, because tears can provide relief, emotional release. After the man cried, he's getting much better. Express your emotions when they arise for you. No matter they are positive or negative, they need to let out, to show. But do not put all your negative emotions on other people: they are not to blame for your feelings.

But what if the office of the chief you from resentment, injustice want to cry, in the throat, like a lump, stuck sob, eyes welling with tears. Most importantly, try to restore breathing. Breathe smoothly, quietly. You can drink water, it helps to pull myself together. A good way to cry is to shift its focus and start thinking about something else. You must learn to balance their internal resources with the need to all the time approval. Do not try to please everyone, learn to say "no". Don't need to feel guilty. We do not feel a sense of guilt for not being able to fly like birds. And the reasons for the tears would have been lower.

Human life is complex, unpredictable and often very good, happy moments. And happiness, too, can weep tears of joy. Such tears are difficult to contain, and whether it is necessary? I want to cry from happiness - cry.

Psychologists say: the tears, the crying is the best remedy for stress. Remember, no deeply hidden, not experienced, not worked out by you is not the emotion goes nowhere. It will return physical pain, stress, depression. Therefore, if the situation allows you - cry health.