For starters, you need to give vent to emotions. You can't hold the pain and tears, but to show weakness only in solitude. Can cry whole night and feeling sorry for myself, unable to get drunk or to vent anger on a feather pillow, but know that this is farewell.
After a storm of emotions subsides, and the tears stopped flowing from my eyes, take a bath. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil or pine extract, to reduce fatigue and sleep all night. Change bed linen, replacing it with something that smells fresh, and go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.
Good morning! If you have to go to work, carefully choose clothes. You have to look perfect, no signs of fatigue and signs of yesterday's tears. Wash your face with cold mineral water, go to the mirror and tell me how much you love yourself.
If today you spend at home, is a great time to do General cleaning. Throw or hand out all unnecessary stuff, put things in perfect order in the cabinets, wash Windows and doors. While cleaning, turn on cheerful music and turn off all phones, let no one bothers you. Friends who will you sympathize, you don't need. You have a new life, all that is done - all the better. This is a sign that you will meet that person who truly is your soul mate. Throwing gifts, photos, wiping the dust, think about what beginning a new period of your life, a happy life!
The next step is going to the hairdresser, to my favorite expert. Sign up in advance, it has not turned so that all seats are occupied. Now no time to wait, a minute without case - your new slogan.
The best option to relax and to change everything - a trip to distant relatives in another country or a holiday by the sea. Chill out, regroup and come a different person. It's hard to walk the city and remember that here we first kissed, and it liked to eat.