Choose the shape and model of the hook you need based on the method of catching carp and fish size. There are no special hooks for catching carp, in contrast to, for example, the hooks for catching bream. You have to pick up your hook for each specific bait separately. Therefore, if you take fishing worm, barley and maggot, stock up in advance and a variety of hooks.
If you catch on the moth, do not use hooks of thick wire. When float fishing is the most expedient to apply a thin hooks with a straight sting. Many believe that fish are afraid of open stings, but it's not. Importantly, the bait was natural and attractive. Pick the minimum hook size for carp. Of course, a lot depends on your heads, but you can't go wrong taking fishing hooks No. 10-16. The less active the fish, the smaller should be the hook.
When bottom fishing will stay on the hooks with the inner bend stinger, and when the float is in direct sharp. As for bottom fishing, that distance provides for the expenditure of a certain amount of time for your response and fixation after the bite. So the hooks with the inner bend stinger provide in this case a superiority, creating fish barriers to getting rid of this hook. If you plan to use as a bait worm, choose a hook with elongated fore, even with claws. If you have to fish at long range on the moth, it will be useful subtle hooks with a straight sting. It does not matter, it is bottom fishing or float with long casts.
If you are planning to catch the race, using all sorts of bait out of dough, using a small hook with a spring wrapped around the forearm, you will save yourself from losing bait when power casting. If you're going to catch carp on foam, you will have to match the hook size with the size of the bubbles of the foam. In this type of fishing choose the hook slightly larger than when using the traditional nozzles. For example, if fishing on maggots, bloodworms and barley would you take the hook №12, when fishing on the foam it would hook No. 10 or even No. 8.
In General we can recommend to use when fishing a worm, maggot or bloodworms hooks with wire diameter less than 0.5 mm. It will preserve the mobility of the bait. But remember that to draw out the large carp in this case it is necessary gradually, without sudden jerks. When fishing crumb, cereal, dough, or grain take the hooks of thick wire with a diameter of more than 0.5 mm. This will allow the nozzle to stick better and to avoid gatherings of fish.