You will need
  • - rod
  • - fishing line,
  • - the hook
  • - sinker,
  • - bait (worms, bloodworms, bread, barley, corn).
Summer fishing carp are more Moody and choosy, rather than spring. There are times when the carp stops to peck for no particular reason. This can only help to change nozzles. It is worth remembering that carp are daytime fish, but rather, morning, and catch it at night is impossible. The best time for fishing is from dawn till ten in the morning. On very hot days, the peak of biting is necessary by noon, because at this time carp walking in the sun.
Carp all the time in the grass, and almost never goes to a clean area, especially in places where you can find perch, pike and other predator. Therefore, carp mainly caught from shore and need in a boat does not occur.
For catching carp use the conventional tackle: rod, quite light and without the coil, the length of which reaches a length of four meters; the hair line at six in the hair. The most suitable fishing – float rod. The bait is pellets of Darnitsky bread or a piece of worm. Given the characteristics of stay fish, you need to carefully adjust the position of the nozzle. She should not lie on the bottom, but high to raise it, is not worth it. The optimal distance from the bottom to the nozzles 4-8 inches.
The float should be sensitive and light, one third of which must remain on the surface. Fit the most common and well-known float goose feather. The hook should be No. 5. This is due to the nozzle and the size of the carp.
Well caught carp on worm, pieces of bloodworm, bread, cheese and porridge (buckwheat and millet). The more exudes the smell of the bait, the faster the fish will find it. Therefore, it is flavored with a variety of fragrant oils: flax, sunflower or hemp.
There is one sure way to catch carp is bait. To do this, take the steamed cereal grains, bread crumbs or leftover porridge. Throw a few handfuls of lure before fishing in the place where you will throw the bait.