You will need
  • - float plug, fly or feeder rod with a length of 6 m;
  • - landing net;
  • attachment (worm, maggot, bloodworm, bread, dough, cereal).
Before to catch carp in the spring, decide on a fishing spot and select the best. At this time the fish are actively seeking food and "grazing" in shallow water and among vegetation period in search of animal food. Explore small places, with a depth of about 1 meters, next to the reeds or cattail. In these places, waiting for carp larvae of dragonflies, postponed last summer.
Ideal for carp fishing the Bay. Large carp likes places near submerged trees and snags which lie in the middle of the Bay in shallow water. Try to catch him at this place in the morning or evening. Summer tactics with bait in the spring is not working – carp on it almost non-responsive.
In the spring for carp fishing use long, up to 6 m, float pin rod, easy snap-in because you have to catch close to the bushes and vegetation. With the help of plug rods you will be able to act silently and accurately put the bait in the desired position. Once the fish bite, this rod will easily cope with it, since it is equipped with shock absorbers. In addition, when changing locations, you can easily lengthen or shorten the rod, without changing tooling.
Use for carp fishing durable fishing line diameter of 0.14-0.16 mm. Because fishing will occur in shallow water lead to the node not clung to, apply makes no sense. Select the hook size No. 10, and as the bait is best suited worm, bloodworm or maggots. Just in case, bring the nozzle from both the animal and vegetable origin: the dough, cereal, bread.
To draw out the fish carefully, as caught on the hook, he behaves very actively. Let him tired and not in a hurry, limit his movement to force the playing. After another breakthrough carp, slightly pull the rod yourself. When the fish is on the surface, carefully insert it into the landing net.