You will need
  • - fishing tackle;
  • bait;
  • - bait;
Catching carp on some waters even in winter, but the best period is from end of April – beginning of may until the first autumn frosts. For gear there are no special requirements, you can successfully catch carp on an ordinary float rod, not forgetting that the finer the tackle, the more bites happen. But to the choice of fishing should be approached very carefully.
One of the best options is to choose the appropriate place on the pond with reeds shore. A small clearing in the reeds, allowing you to throw the bait. It is possible to prepare, VEGASEL half the desired area. Despite the fact that the reeds on the sides of the clearings can prevent the fish fish, the probability to catch a big carp in a place higher than in the open area of the reservoir. The fish likes to swim along the reeds, so will often go out on the mowed plot, where he will have to wait for a hook with a bait.
Best carp bite early in the morning and evening. In place of fishing it is necessary to throw not too heavy on the bait. Remember that it should not saturate the fish, but to stimulate her appetite. The depth in fishing shall not be less than five feet, as at lower depth, to catch a big carp difficult, in shallow water it comes out usually only at night.
For carp you can use the most common bait for example earthworms, which crucian carp with success of bite from the beginning of spring. Even better suited bloodworm and maggot. When fishing maggots on the tip of the hook can be left open. The larvae pierce closer to the head, the hook, better to stick several pieces. The best quality is considered to be maggots, grown on the meat.
Despite the fact that the carp can take a variety of bait, they need to choose the right. One day, the carp can take the earthworm and the other on the same pond prefer bloodworms or maggots. Sometimes it is possible to catch different types of dough, cooked with aromatic additives. You can add vanilla, various oils – sunflower, sesame, and anise.
To catch a large carp, you must observe complete silence. Not loud talking, banging, walking on the beach. Clothing should be khaki. When playing a fish, try to do it as carefully as possible, use the net. Caught fish, it is desirable to keep the cage and water containers on the shore.