This bird is popularly recognized as the most vociferous in the world. Nightingale loudly stand out from the rest of the birds singing. These creatures are considered to be skilled feathered singers. The nightingales sing both day and night. Their evening "concerts" in General deserves a separate praise! Often people especially in the evenings stroll through the parks, squares and even in the woods to enjoy the trills of these sweet "Orpheus". Interestingly, not all the warblers are a wonderful performer of his songs. Among them are true masters of their craft, and mediocre performers. All because vocal skills is not an inherent feature of this species. Young birds acquire the talent of the singers only when they teach it to other birds.

Larks sing beautifully, but a little weird. The fact that hear the lark sitting on a tree, is almost impossible. Their singing is necessarily accompanied by flight: the bird flies up and starts singing. The higher the lark flies, the louder his singing. When the bird is on the decline, while his singing is of a jerky character. At 20 meters from the ground lark is completely silent. If the bird again takes to the skies, the singing starts again. It's funny that the vocal skill mastered by only the males of larks. Females are just sitting on the ground and listen to their Cavaliers. For the second half of summer the lark, not heard and not seen.

These birds are unique singers. Why unique? The fact that starlings have a pretty wide range of sounds that enable them to emulate: these birds can copy the cat's meow, the croaking of frogs, the rattling of glasses, the sound of a typewriter and other noises. Starlings – a real thoroughbred. They do not want to copy the singing of a particular bird. For example, starlings returning after wintering home arrange the whole "medley" of tunes borrowed from South African birds, and starlings that live in Central Asia and on the territory of Kazakhstan, easy to imitate the bleating of the old sheep, the barking of dogs, the crack of a whip.

These birds are also called "forest flute". It is believed that the Oriole is not only one of the most beautiful birds in the world, but the best singer of Russian forests after the Nightingale. Warbling Orioles like skillful play on a flute. To see this "singer" is almost impossible – she's almost never shown in the dense foliage, hiding from prying eyes. Such is the humble bird. It's funny how sometimes the sweet sounds of the Orioles turn into some crazy cat noises. It is quite normal that the unpleasant cries made by these birds are the battle cry, warning their companions of the danger.