Advice 1: What to feed a Sparrow chick

In the spring, when the birds breed, fallen from the nest the Chicks are not uncommon. A yellow-billed birds look so pathetic that people are beginning to be tormented by remorse and taking Chicks home to go out, to heat and to save. So, you took a tiny nestling Sparrow. So, you need something to feed him.
What to feed a Sparrow chick
If you are picked up and brought home had fallen from the nest of a Sparrow, first locate him. Will fit a small box, and soft fabric at the bottom. Make sure that the chick will not jump out of it. Very tiny birds need heating. You can use a hot water bottle or simply a bottle with warm water.

Is it possible to feed the nestling of a Sparrow?

First of all, remember that the insectivorous Chicks of small birds - larks, chickadees, sparrows - one day eat food with volume 3/4 of its weight. It is best to the basic diet of the birds was her usual insects: worms, flies, grasshoppers, beetles, larvae. But, of course, to get them is not easy.

For some reason in books, fairy tales, films sparrows usually feed bread. But to do so in any case impossible. Give the chick bakery products is possible not more often than once in 2 days, and then only in the form of crumb, soaked in milk. In addition, you can give a little finely chopped cooked or raw meat, ground in a mortar and steamed seeds of cereals or cereal.

Feeding fit and vegetables - beets, cucumber, carrots. They need to chop on a grater and squeeze out excess juice. You can also feed the nestlings of a Sparrow boiled egg or cottage cheese. As long as the food was unsalted. It is desirable to add in food some coal or crushed chalk - chick would be happy about this seasoning. In turn, salt the birds to give strictly prohibited.

Try to keep the chick eating on their own, however, if not, you can give him food, clenched his beak with tweezers. Since the bird is still small, it is necessary to feed frequently - not less than once in 2 hours. This is quite a difficult task, and therefore it is considered that nestlings of small birds to feed difficult. Also, do not forget that in addition to the food available at bird needs to be clean water.

Before leaving nestlings of a Sparrow, think

Before leaving nestlings of a Sparrow, think about it: perhaps it is better to leave it where you found it? In most cases, fall from nests fledglings. So called Chicks who can't fly, but made his first attempt to try this. Their adult parents then try to finish feeding their offspring already on the ground.

If the district does not have a large number of stray dogs and cats, the ability of this bird to survive in the wild is significantly higher than at home. It must be borne in mind that birds often die at home because of improper feeding or content. But if you really want to take active part in the rescue of the chick, perhaps it is better to put the feeder with food where is the fallen baby bird, what to feed him in a cage at home. Remember: birds are raised in captivity often die after they are released into the environment.

Advice 2: How to feed the Chicks

The Chicks in the nest can suddenly sirotti. To feed them is not so difficult. You just need to know what kind of birds are what they eat. If you have inexperienced pet, try to learn about it as much as possible, and then start feeding.
Offer help to the Chicks, only if they really need it
You will need
  • - pipette
  • - disposable syringes
  • - tweezers
  • - food for juveniles
Food for Chicks may be liquid or solid. Recently valuewise from the egg. the mother of the goitre spits up partially digested food that you can replace a semi-liquid porridge. Just do not cook semolina or rice, look in trade a special powder that must be diluted in accordance with instructions.
Wash your hands thoroughly. Type the mess into a syringe, put it next the pipette filled with water.
If the bird sits in the nest, wiggle it slightly, mimicking flown mother. In response to the wet behind the ears widely opened his beak, in which you will just have to pour the feed. Ensure that the tip of the syringe looked right in the throat and not under the tongue. After feeding pour in the beak a few drops of water to wash away his uneaten food.
Chicks feeding on larvae or worms, you should feed with tweezers. If Chicks do not open the beak in good faith, will have to help them. Take her in a fist. Gently, but gently lock it.
Your other hand's open beak, insert the index finger holding hands, nestling feeding ready. Take the food with tweezers, put it deep in the bird's mouth and immediately sprinkle water from the pipette, to trigger the swallowing reflex.
Make sure that the chick was not lying on his back, otherwise he will choke. No need to force feed the bird as soon as you feel the fullness of goiter, feeding can be stopped. Acting carefully, you will be able to grow Chicks until when he will be able to eat the offered food.
Do not pick up-fledged Chicks in the grass in may or June. They do not fall out of the nest and made his first solo flight. They are called fledglings. Parents are not left to the flying chick and continued to feed him, but you him for his unnecessary help only hurt.

Advice 3: How to fledge

In the summer you can often see the Hatchling (or very young bird) sitting on the grass or the ground. Children, sometimes even adults feel sorry for the poor man, pick up and take home. Most often it is just baby birds learning to fly, do not touch them, the parents know where their children are in control and feed. Often the chick dies in caring human hands, because people do not know how to handle it. It is best not to pick up Chicks. But if your children are still brought the bird home, or, for example, she has a broken wing, then you'll have to take care of the baby and nurse.
How to fledge
You will need
  • - a small bag for warmth;
  • - tweezers;
  • - caterpillars or flies;
  • - nest.
If the Chicks are still naked and penniless, it is necessary to constantly heat. It is best to put in a small bag (knitted socks, fur mitten and so on) and wear the first time for yourself. Chicks need a temperature of 38 degrees.
Such a child must often, every thirty to forty minutes to feed with tweezers. Feed have caterpillars, flies and flies, small spiders, worms, larvae of beetles. You can add hard-boiled egg, or minced. Feed will need a lot, so try constantly to look for him, or buy them at the pet store grubs – worm flour.
Most often in the house of the people get Chicks by crows or jackdaws to feed easier as they are happy to eat the soaked bread, cheese, pieces of meat or minced meat, combined with live insects. If you get nestling Swifts or swallows, there is little chance to feed, these birds are insectivorous, and you simply will not be able to provide them with the necessary amount of feed.
When the chick is a little older, you can make a warm nest (e.g., in the aquarium or in the box). Feed it through can be a little less every a couple of hours. Usually a hungry chick, only sensing the presence of a person, he opens a wide beak. If he's not very hungry, then you need to give him a team – just try to make a loud sharp sound! Chick shows a beak.
Yet the chick does not eat independently, it is not necessary to water. Just give him wet food (soaked in water bread and meat right fit). When it will start is, to put it in the drinking water, if he wants, he will lap it up. Water little chick is dangerous, he can choke water.
Do not be afraid to overfeed the chick, birds have a very fast metabolism, and eating they need a lot. Also follow the rule that it is better to feed little and often, than rarely and a lot. In the latter case, the chick may die of starvation.

Advice 4: How to feed baby birds parrots

Their newborn Chicks , the female parrot feeds the thymus milk. Survivor same females during the first days of life babies, as a rule, is the parrot-dad. Sometimes young females parrots refuse to feed their babies with milk. In this case, caring for the kids falls squarely on the shoulders of their owners.
How to feed baby birds parrots
Feed newborn Chicks needed every 2-3 hours from 6 am to 11 PM. At night, the kids have to sleep. Prepare for feeding Chicks of parrots of liquid semolina or wheat porridge, boiled in milk. Add a bit of sugar, dried up shell of chicken eggs, pounded into powder, and fish oil (1 drop per teaspoon of cereal).
The first 3-4 days of life the Chicks feed them better from ordinary medical syringe, of course, without a needle. One cub is enough 3-5 ml of porridge for one feeding.
To dopisivati Chicks water in the first days of their lives not necessarily because porridge, which they eat, contains a sufficient amount of liquid. Although it is sometimes possible to treat kids fruit or vegetable juice.
Next, start to teach kids giving a regular teaspoon. The first time the Chicks usually take cereal from a spoon rather reluctantly. But I got used to this method of feeding, they begin to open his mouth at the sight of a spoon.
Do not rush to transfer Chicks of parrots on grain feed. Doing this is recommended only when the babies will learn to sit on the hand of its master.
To teach young parrots to the grain feed should gradually. For this familiar cook for them porridge thicker. When the Chicks get used to this food and will learn to eat thick porridge yourself, start to pour into their feeders a small amount of grain mixture. Thus, the parakeets gradually get used to the grain, peculiar to these birds food. Remember, Chicks parrots on grain feed in the cage next to the feeder must use a Cup with water.
Be sure to put on the bottom of the cage with Chicks of parrots a jar filled with mineral food. He needed the kids for the proper development and growth of their skeleton. As a mineral additive use powdered shells of chicken eggs.

Advice 5: Is it possible to feed a domestic cat raw meat

Food for people, not suitable for Pets, not for dogs or for cats, so cook them separately. Of course, very handy when the cat eats a special dry food or canned, but to keep the animal constantly on this diet is not recommended. Since cats are carnivorous predators, raw meat in their menu is not excessive, only it is necessary to properly prepare.
Is it possible to feed a domestic cat raw meat

Meat in the diet of the domestic cat

Of course, to give the cat, albeit homemade, raw meat. Just keep in mind that the meat you buy in the store and even on the market, can in large quantities to contain antibiotics and hormones that animals are fed on farms, besides, is not excluded and the risk of Contracting worms. You will not help the long-term storage of meat in the freezer – some pathogens of deadly diseases retain their vitality even in such extreme conditions.

If you want to pamper your pet, feed it should be beef or veal, you can give the bird and the rabbit. Fatty meat, especially pork, cats are contraindicated, it is in any form will cause digestive disorders. But the offal: heart, lung, liver, stomach and kidneys should be the diet of the animal is necessary.
When you are unsure of the quality of meat or offal, before giving them to the cat, cut them into smaller pieces and drop in boiling water for 5 minutes, but no longer to the nutritional value of the product was saved.

How to cook a cat raw meat

To the cat food was complete and proper and without the use of industrial feed, you can prepare the food with vitamin and mineral supplements at home. This food can be cooked with the stock and store in the freezer, its valuable food qualities, he will not lose.

Take 2 kg of raw meat – chicken necks, dark meat (thighs and drumsticks) rabbit, Turkey, chicken, you can use the whole carcass. Well, if here you will be able to add 400 g heart 200 g liver of the same animal. If not, replace the heart, add the 4000 mg taurine, an essential amino acid which is sold in the pharmacy, and the liver – adding 40,000 IU of vitamin A and 1600 IU of vitamin D. If you use vitamins and taurine, do not forget to increase the amount of meat 400 g instead of hearts and 200 g – instead of the liver.
In food you can add a quarter teaspoon of seaweed: kelp and red algae, and 8 teaspoons of psyllium. You could buy at the pharmacy.

Cut the meat from the bones, cut into small pieces, so that the animal couldn't swallow at once, and chewed. Bones twisted in a meat grinder and mix with meat. Beat in minced 4 egg yolks and pour in 2 cups of boiled water, mix well. Add 40 g in the resulting mass fish oil 200 mg vitamin b complex and 800 mg of vitamin E, which can be bought at the pharmacy in dry form or in the form of capsules. Mix, divide into portions, place in bags and put in the freezer.

Advice 6: What to feed baby crows

The Raven boys quite often fall from their nests. The reason for this may be excessive curiosity or just too strong wind and the carelessness of the baby. Once on land, they become completely defenseless and exposed to danger of attack from both large and small predators. If it is not possible to return the baby crows in the nest, for whatever reason, the adult bird had left the masonry, is to help the Chicks, vyboriv their own.
Reared house crow can be a real friend

Permitted foods

As the body of juveniles is not yet Mature, the products must be selected such that they are easily digested. If you can not prepare balanced food, veterinarians recommend the use of baby food, such as mashed potatoes or porridge. The main condition is the lack of salt and sugar.

Because ravens are omnivorous, Chicks in addition to vegetables, you need to give meat. It can be in the form of a paste (the same baby food), or meat. Chicken by-products can be served cut into small pieces.

We should not forget about cereals (grains) because they contain valuable minerals and vitamins. This product can be pre-boiled or steamed hot water. Very young Chicks it is better to give cereal. Of recommended crops can be called oats, wheat, barley, rye.

In addition, as an additive in food to the young ravens give low-fat cottage cheese and a boiled egg. And, of course, do not forget that the crow should be regularly to clean fresh water.

How to feed baby crows

While the chick is not used to humans, he will be very reluctant to take food. So you have to try to get out of the situation. For example, lay the food directly into the beak so called swallowing reflex. After some time, the crow itself is a joy to eat.

If the chick refuses to take food from the hands, and thus he is weakened, in order to avoid injuries of the beak food lay with a syringe with a rubber tip. Even if the bird will not sit quietly, she will not be injuries.

It is worth remembering that food should be warm, about body temperature, i.e., 36-37 o C. In addition, it should not be kept long in the fridge. Best of all, each time prepare a new mixture.

Prohibited products

Trying to fledge, do not forget that not all the foods that eats people, useful for birds and animals. To grow a healthy individual, you need to avoid giving the chick fried, smoked and dried. Also it is contraindicated salty and sweet foods, including confectionery. Sausage and canned food, foods containing preservatives – all this, in any case should not be in the poultry diet.

Caring for the chick is not just a hassle but also a great responsibility. In order not to harm him, it is better to consult with your veterinarian.
Is the advice useful?