You will need
  • - cabbage (nettle, lettuce)
  • - chalk (shell eggs)
  • - oatmeal (barley, millet)
  • - milk powder (sunflower oil)
  • - cheese (fish or meat)
Health quails, therefore, the taste of their eggs and meat, are directly dependent on forage quality. It should contain all the vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals. It is best to prepare for these birds feed. Of the purchase prepared feeds suitable SC5 and SC6, which are used for broiler production. These compounds can give quail from 6 weeks of age.
Their own prepared feed can be used raw (freshly made) or in dry form. The amount of feed calculated based on the maximum a balanced diet for one bird: 12 g oatmeal, barley or millet; 12 g of cheese (meat or minced fish; 3 g of chalk or egg shell; 0.5 g dry milk or butter.
Calculate, what quantity of these ingredients will need for all poultry, cereals and other substances mixed with finely chopped cabbage, nettle, lettuce or any other greens. This feed is given as Chicks and adult bird. Per day per quail will need 25-40 grams of food. As vitamin supplements use carrots, beets, apples.
Experienced breeders the quality of feed is determined by smell. It should be rich, fresh, without any mixture of mustiness or acidity. To facilitate the work you will need scales, pellet mill, feed mill, corn. For mixing the ingredients, you can use the mixer.
It is more convenient to prepare the feed as follows: to measure and weigh raw materials; components of protein, greens, grain sent to the mill; crushed food spread in the feed mill and added vitamins and minerals. Food you can give the bird immediately after cooking or processing it into the pellet mill for storage. You should know that the feed consumption increased with increasing duration of daylight.
If it is not possible to prepare the feed, quail feed mix give. It should be 4 main components: protein, grain, vitamins, minerals. For Chicks and adult birds will approach such products: fish or bone meal, fresh or cooked fish, cheese, any meat, earth and mealworms, pupae of ants, the blood of the slaughtered bird. From cereals you can use shredded wheat, rye, oats. From cereals – wheat, rice, barley, wheat. If you are planning to give a fresh fish, you need to make sure that she is not infected with parasites. If no such certainty, it is recommended to cook the fish.