If the child is too rowdy in the abdomen, listen to yourself. It is possible, you are nervous. Or for quite a long time are stressed. In this case, the blood is ejected a large amount of adrenaline, causing the baby start "dancing".
Check whether you are comfortable and, as a consequence, baby. If you feel any discomfort or say pain in the stomach, for example, the uterus hardens, it may indicate that the fetus is very uncomfortable. Accordingly, he seeks a position, as it is better to lie down.
Make sure you are in a comfortable position. For example, if you are lying down, not on his back when peredelyvayut internal organs. In addition, if you are hungry, the child may also show concern and actively move. After all, he's trying to forage for food and oxygen, stimulating active movements the placenta to a more active exchange work. If you have eliminated hunger and the uncomfortable position and the child does not cease to move too actively, it is a reason to see a doctor. Perhaps the fetus is not getting enough oxygen, and this is adjusted only by physicians.
Keep in mind that a child their movements can simply force you to change the type of activity. For example, if you are sitting too long in a chair and watch TV or lie on the sofa. Kicks and shocks of a baby can be a signal that it's time to start to physical exercise or go for a walk.
Analyze the pushes of the stomach. If they are regular and repeated intervals of time, but it is intense enough, it can mean that the baby has the hiccups. This happens due to the ingestion of them surrounding amniotic fluid.
Remember that communication with the stomach as mom and dad are also able to cause the activity of the baby. Movements, pushes and even kicks he can Express his emotions and attitude to what he says. Often mothers even observe that the child begins to move particularly intense when he's approached by a dad. Sometimes in utero "disco" is simply the father-to-be puts on the mother's abdomen.