To determine how the baby move - in the normal range or not - should make a special diary. Begin to mark fetal movements should, from the beginning of the day. On average, doctors believe a normal 10 perturbations for 12 hours. Alternatively, you can simply mark the period of time over which occurs 10 perturbations. It is worth considering that excessive activity sometimes also is estimated by physicians as pathology.
If the child is not very willing to move, you need to perform a number of parameters that can affect such activity. For example, an important influence on the activity of the fetus having the activity of the mother. If a pregnant woman is moving around a lot, the child adapts to a similar way of life and adapts to it. As a result, the mother may simply not feel the baby move at the same pace with her walking or other activity.
If the baby's not moving, you need to analyze the psychological state of the mother. So, if a woman is nervous and gets a surge of adrenaline in the blood, it will affect the child. Doctors claim that in such situations, the fetus in the womb also nervous and begins to move actively. If the mother is contented and calm, the baby can easily and freely be placed inside, not really kicking and pushing.
Sometimes there is a remission of the movements of the child when communicating mother's or father's stomach. In these moments, the baby listens to the sounds, is a very focused and he does not interfere.
It is worth remembering that the child stops moving after a meal, i.e. eat when pregnant. Because the nutrients go to the baby, he gets full and falls asleep. Proven fact: to stir up the child, a pregnant woman needs to eat something sweet for example chocolate. Sweets provoke the release of hormones into the blood, directly affecting the child.
The child may not move, and for more serious reasons. For example, if it disrupts the blood flow in the arteries connecting the mother with the child. In this situation, the kid loses all nutrients - from food to oxygen, it starts fasting, there is hypoxia and may even be a delay in development. Naturally, in such a case, only a full examination and treatment under the supervision of a physician. The study is usually carried out by ultrasound and Doppler.