The first movements of the baby, many pregnant women compared with the flapping of the wings of butterflies or splashing of little fish. However, careful touch easily confused with the movement of gases inside the intestine, and only when the child starts to significantly kick, no question remains.
To the beginning of time perturbations of the child and really can be compared to aquarium fish. Between 20 and 24 weeks he's still quite small, the uterus offers him a lot of space for gymnastic exercises, at the same time the amniotic fluid to dampen its movement, so the touch work the fleeting and very tender.
Feel a woman can under different circumstances. This usually happens in the morning after Breakfast. Nutrients rush to the fetus, the child begins to vigorously engage in acrobatics during one of his regular tumbles sharply it hits the bladder wall and there is the first push that and push on you, and on more careful touch.
Some pregnant women are able to feel it only, if the stomach at this time, something held tightly. Mom can at this time to be fastened automobile seat belt or to lie on your stomach.
If movement is felt between the pubic bone and the navel, and the period of your pregnancy is between 18 and 22 weeks, you can be sure is "it".
If perturbations occur in the upper or lateral part of the belly is not a baby, it is just a intestine or any other organ inside you.
After a couple of weeks you may notice rhythmic twitches inside. They should not be afraid, that means the baby had the hiccups. Also you may notice that at loud sounds , the child begins to move stronger. This too is not surprising. The sounds from outside can penetrate to the fetus and even to scare him.
By the end of the 25 weeks the baby grows so that its movement is impossible with nothing to confuse. But it may happen that he suddenly subside for several hours and even days. It is also quite normal. If you are concerned about lack of movement, contact your doctor to make sure the baby's fine, and dispelled your doubts.