Advice 1: How to understand what the child is moving

Every pregnant eagerly waiting for the moment when she can feel movement of their baby. In the first pregnancy perturbations begin to be felt between 20 and 22 weeks, but some women swear that in the 18 weeks to recognize the signs, filed a baby.
With time and your family will be able to feel the movement of the baby
The first movements of the baby, many pregnant women compared with the flapping of the wings of butterflies or splashing of little fish. However, careful touch easily confused with the movement of gases inside the intestine, and only when the child starts to significantly kick, no question remains.
To the beginning of time perturbations of the child and really can be compared to aquarium fish. Between 20 and 24 weeks he's still quite small, the uterus offers him a lot of space for gymnastic exercises, at the same time the amniotic fluid to dampen its movement, so the touch work the fleeting and very tender.
Feel a woman can under different circumstances. This usually happens in the morning after Breakfast. Nutrients rush to the fetus, the child begins to vigorously engage in acrobatics during one of his regular tumbles sharply it hits the bladder wall and there is the first push that and push on you, and on more careful touch.
Some pregnant women are able to feel it only, if the stomach at this time, something held tightly. Mom can at this time to be fastened automobile seat belt or to lie on your stomach.
If movement is felt between the pubic bone and the navel, and the period of your pregnancy is between 18 and 22 weeks, you can be sure is "it".
If perturbations occur in the upper or lateral part of the belly is not a baby, it is just a intestine or any other organ inside you.
After a couple of weeks you may notice rhythmic twitches inside. They should not be afraid, that means the baby had the hiccups. Also you may notice that at loud sounds , the child begins to move stronger. This too is not surprising. The sounds from outside can penetrate to the fetus and even to scare him.
By the end of the 25 weeks the baby grows so that its movement is impossible with nothing to confuse. But it may happen that he suddenly subside for several hours and even days. It is also quite normal. If you are concerned about lack of movement, contact your doctor to make sure the baby's fine, and dispelled your doubts.
Useful advice
Some moms claim that their baby starts to move more if you eat something sweet.

Advice 2: How to understand that guppies are pregnant

Guppy is a freshwater fish that belongs to the family Poeciliidae. It is considered to be fairly undemanding and popular of all aquarium fish. It should be noted that every breeder should have an idea on how to determine that a female guppy is pregnant. This knowledge will help in a timely manner to create certain conditions for females expecting offspring.
The definition of pregnant Guppies
Typically, the pregnant guppy is determined by the shape of its abdomen. The fact that females bearing offspring, has a round voluminous belly, which is just before birth gets a little rectangular shape. Sometimes gaps can be observed fry, and closer to labor guppies has a dark generic spot localized in the abdomen. Be aware that the shape of the head fish in this period begins to seem elegant due to the volume of the stomach. In addition, a pregnant female you'll be peaceful and calm behaviour.
Often, before throwing a fry guppies becomes dark rear part of the belly. In that case, if the tank has only fish of this family, and there are plenty of shelters in the form of rocks, driftwood and algae, the female can be not to transplant. However, when living in an aquarium with other fish, guppies, hatching offspring, mandatory for the period of throwing should be deposited, then run back. It is important to remember that the fry should be kept in a separate container.
Otsaila pregnant female, you need to consider that it is able to eat their fry. Thus, it is advisable to take care of the acquisition of the plants by which they can hide from the mother, temporarily located next to the offspring. The number of fry born to a female depends on her age. Young fish can breed up to ten pieces, while the old are able to draw a hundred fry. In order that the offspring had a beautiful color and has quickly evolved, they should be fed a variety of food three times a day.
Basically, the pregnant guppy has a duration of forty days. During the first weeks after birth, the larvae remain in otsadnik. Then they transplanted the larger capacity. Already in a month it is possible to notice distinctive features, allowing to determine the sex of fry. Females occurs generic spot near the anus. Males in the three month change of the so-called anal fin in gonopodia. Note that to prevent breeding guppies, the young offspring is advisable to promptly distribute by gender and include separate. In the winter it is necessary to observe the water temperature, which should reach eighteen degrees Celsius. Such actions not only help to avoid unnecessary spawning, but will also allow the female to rest from labor.

Advice 3: Why does the baby move

For twenty weeks of pregnancy most expectant mothers begin to feel fetal movements. His movements are not only a wonderful reminder to the woman about imminent motherhood, but I can tell you how the baby's doing.
Why does the baby move

Perturbation of the child: standards

To track the frequency of the perturbations of the child recommended 28-30 weeks of pregnancy. To the movements of the foetus relates not only kicks, but rolling, a slight tremor. The kid will continuously active, and may subside for a few hours, but the norm is at least ten episodes of movement per day.

A few moves child: causes

A woman may notice that the baby was less stir in my stomach. This is especially true for mid-pregnancy, when movements are not always felt equally strong. The baby may be less willing to move when the mother is active. When walking her fluid motions produce the effect of motion sickness and lull baby. Usually calms down a little for two or three weeks before delivery, it is due to the fact that he has almost no room left for movement, he stores the power before birth.

What to do if the child is a few moves?

Scientists believe that the foetus usually begins to move, when he experiences a lack of oxygen. However, a symptom of severe hypoxia is a lack of movement for a long time. If after 28 weeks the baby moves a little or makes itself felt within 12 hours, you should immediately consult a doctor.
The specialist should not just listen to the heart with a stethoscope, and to carry out cardiotocography (CTG). During this procedure, within half an hour recorded the fetal heart rate. Your heart rate should vary on average from 120 to 170 beats per minute depending on the activity level of the baby, increasing during motion. The monotony of heart rate, more rare palpitations can be a sign of severe hypoxia and require immediate delivery.

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